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A quick introduction:

I am or have been a: writer, publisher, renter of virtual apartments for real money, injector of radioactive materials (for the forces of good, usually), sociologist, teacher, BBS sysop, SJW, polyam, and dedicated to punching up. I also have screwed up a lot, and try to learn from that crap.

I write stuff at, and share lots of things I find interesting.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."


From 11 Apr: Don’t Look Now, But Over a Third of People in the US Have Gotten a Coronavirus Shot - At this point, it’s kind of hard to absorb good news about the pandemic. But here is some to ... -updates


From 10 Apr: Bigot Nicholas Meriwether - That’s not an opinion. That’s a title. Like Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. (though without an abbreviation yet).

From 09 Apr: Google Is Testing Automatic Call Recording for Unknown Phone Numbers - Google Earlier this year, Google added call recording and transcription features to the Google P...

From 09 Apr: Google Is Testing Automatic Call Recording For Unknown Phone Numbers - Google Earlier this year, Google added call recording and transcription features to the Google P...


From 09 Apr: YouTube’s policies block ad targeting on Black Lives Matter videos - YouTube is blocking advertisers from using social and racial justice terms like “Black Liv...


From 09 Apr: Comcast nightmare: Six months without Internet despite ,000 payment - When Edward Koll and his girlfriend, Jo Narkon, bought and moved into a new house in Draper... -&-it

From 09 Apr: Want Google Search Results without Tracking? Use Startpage - StartPage Search engines like Google and Bing are notorious for tracking users, but privacy-focused...

From 08 Apr: How to Disable and Remove Chromecast in Google Chrome - Sending videos to a Chromecast-enabled device can be handy, but not everyone wants this feature. I...

its fucked up nowadays, you cant just make a thing. you have to make a running series of that thing, which goes on forever, and has a patreon, a mailing list, a discord channel, an official wiki, a fan wiki, a prima strategy guide, its own cryptocurrency, flag, national anthem, nuclear deterrent, etc


From 07 Apr: Twitter won’t let federal archivists host Trump’s tweets on Twitter - The National Archives and Records Administration is a federal agency responsible for preserv... -trump


From 07 Apr: Google illegally tracking Android users, according to new complaint - Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems has filed a complaint against Google in France alleging tha...


From 05 Apr: Supreme Court rules API copying is fair use - Enlarge / Exterior view of a Googleplex building, the corporate headquarters of Google and parent... -v.-google -court


From 01 Apr: Amazon colluded with publishers to fix book prices, class-action suit alleges - A small independent bookstore filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon last week, alleging tha... -publishers -fixing

From 01 Apr: The open source Minecraft launcher MultiMC adds more mod platform support - Need an easy way to mod Minecraft using many different sources and versions? MultiMC is a great way... -source

From 18 Mar: 8 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Android: Fix Your Internet ASAP - If your WiFi connection is unstable or drops out of the blue, chances are there is a lot of network... -app -apps -analyzer


From 05 Apr: US Supreme Court sides with Google against Oracle about copying APIs being ’fair use’ - It’s being widely reported today that in the decade-long battle of Google vs Oracle that the US Sup...

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Faith Collapsing

Faith Collapsing is a host set up by me (Steven Saus) with the same sensibility of the BBS I ran back in the 1990s - I set it up for me, but folks I personally know are welcome to join if they like. Left-leaning; fascists will not be happy with my moderation. Incitements to violence or hate speech will get you gone.