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A quick introduction:

I am or have been a: writer, publisher, renter of virtual apartments for real money, injector of radioactive materials (for the forces of good, usually), sociologist, teacher, BBS sysop, SJW, polyam, and dedicated to punching up. I also have screwed up a lot, and try to learn from that crap.

I write stuff at, and share lots of things I find interesting.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."


From 21 Jan: Unvaccinated 5X more likely to get omicron than those boosted, CDC reports - Enlarge / A tray of prepared syringes for booster vaccinations with Moderna’s vaccine.Gett... -19 -19-vaccine


From 21 Jan: Real-World Framing (feat. anti-Vaxxers) - he words used matter. They can change the way you think about something. And it can be really, really subtle. -19

From 21 Jan: Flathub to verify first-party apps and allow developers to collect monies - Flathub and Flatpak packages are the future of Linux apps according to more people and GNOME are con...


From 20 Jan: Biden revives climate portion of failed Build Back Better bill - Enlarge / President Joe Biden talks to reporters during a news conference in the East Room... -administration -emissions -change -agreement


From 18 Jan: Adblocking Does Not Constitute Copyright Infringement, Court Rules - In order to finance their operations, millions of websites rely on advertising to generate revenue. ... -plus -and-sites -springer


From 20 Jan: OAN panics as DirecTV drops network, asks viewers to find “dirt” on AT&T chairman - Enlarge / Dan Ball, host of One America News show “Real America.“One America News ... &t -america-news


From 20 Jan: How to Prepare for Climate Change’s Most Immediate Impacts -

From 19 Jan: 75 Years On, the Doomsday Clock Keeps Ticking - The iconic graphic of a timepiece originated as a nuclear warning. It updates its time on Thursday a...


From 18 Jan: A Project to Count Climate Crisis Deaths Has Surprising Results - Climate change is already killing people, but countries don’t have an easy way to count those deaths...

From 17 Jan: OpenBoard: An Open Source Interactive Whiteboard for Educators - Brief: OpenBoard is an interactive open-source whiteboard tailored for schools and universities. L... -of-the-week


From 16 Jan: How to Prepare for Climate Change’s Most Immediate Impacts - The effects of the climate crisis are happening right now. From natural disasters to supply chain sh...


From 14 Jan: Intel “mega-fab” coming to Ohio, reports say - Enlargeony Avelar/Bloomberg Intel is reportedly planning to build a large chip ... -fab

I got a cold email offering me three times my former salary to take a roughly equivalent position in N. Cal.

Me: "Very sus."

"No, I could never post a selfie, for you see that would be a horrendous breach of privacy. Now here's a link to my blog that contains my full name and address so you can read my 5000 word essay about Linux" —tech guys


A vaccination trains your immune system to recognize and fight off a disease before it takes hold. It is not a magic cloak of protection, it is having a while to build up your base BEFORE the Zerg rush, not a guarantee that you will get a flawless victory in a mission. It is a bulletproof vest, but lucky headshots still occur.

It's kind of scary how many (former?) nurses and allied health people still somehow don't understand this basic bit of medicine.


From 19 Jan: Past Pain is not an Excuse for Your Actions (feat. Joss Whedon) - Excuses aren’t enough to fix a missing stair. -harassment -whedon

From 18 Jan: Learn Your Genre And How To Write Better From Movies (feat. Encanto) - There’s one detail that clearly puts Encanto in one genre instead of another - that and the *other* allegory at the center of the film. -of-writing -review

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