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A quick introduction:

I am or have been a: writer, publisher, renter of virtual apartments for real money, injector of radioactive materials (for the forces of good, usually), sociologist, teacher, BBS sysop, SJW, polyam, and dedicated to punching up. I also have screwed up a lot, and try to learn from that crap.

I write stuff at, and share lots of things I find interesting.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

covid, uspol 

It's so funny the conservatives think we're putting the vaccine in salad dressing. It would be in steak and chicken and hot dogs - it's an intramuscular vaccination.

(er, satire, obviously)


From 22 Sep: Facebook’s oversight board demands clarity on rules for high-profile users - Facebook’s oversight board is investigating claims the social media group allowed some hig...


From 18 Sep: A new app helps Iranians hide messages in plain sight - Enlarge / An antigovernment graffiti that reads in Farsi “Death to the dictator“ is spray... -&-it

From 18 Sep: Why my public library chooses Linux and open source - The Crawford County Federated Library System has been using Linux and open source software in its I...


From 17 Sep: Facebook forced troll farm content on over 40% of all Americans each month - In the wake of the 2016 election, Facebook knew it had a problem. Pages and fake accounts created... -research-agency -media -farms

From 17 Sep: Take down a resurrected Maggie Thatcher in this upcoming Doom II campaign - Yes that’s right, Maggie Thatcher has somehow escaped from Hell in Thatcher’s Techbase, a new Doom ...


From 15 Sep: Backpage founders get mistrial because US overplayed child sex trafficking claims - A federal judge yesterday declared a mistrial in the case against Backpage’s founders,...

From 06 Sep: Run Web Applications in Linux Using Tangram Browser - Brief: Tangram is a browser that aims to help you run and manage web applications in Linux. Let&rsq... -of-the-week

From 12 Sep: pet peevesTikvaWolf.comtext reads:Lily: He’s in an... - pet peevesTikvaWolf.comtext reads:Lily: He’s in an ethical-consensually-monogamous relationsh... -nonmonogamy -nonmonogamy -peeves

From 15 Sep: How Neighborhood Apps Make Us Worse Neighbors (Nextdoor, Ring, Citizen) Cracked Explains


From 14 Sep: Big ISPs fight to save exclusive wiring deals that limit choice in apartments - The cable lobby is trying to stop a possible ban on exclusive wiring deals between Internet... -lobby


From 13 Sep: Leaked documents reveal the special rules Facebook uses for 5.8M VIPs - Enlarge / Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook had a problem on its hands. People were making po... -moderation -media


From 13 Sep: Texas abortion ban prompts Salesforce to help employees, families “exit” state - Enlarge / Protesters hold up signs as they march down Congress Ave at a protest outside the Texas s...


From 11 Sep: Twitch sues users over alleged “hate raids” against streamers - Since early August, Twitch has been wrestling with an epidemic of harassment, known as ... -&-culture -speech

None of you told me Tim Curry has actual albums out and HOW COULD YOU, I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.

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Faith Collapsing is a host set up by me (Steven Saus) with the same sensibility of the BBS I ran back in the 1990s - I set it up for me, but folks I personally know are welcome to join if they like. Left-leaning; fascists will not be happy with my moderation. Incitements to violence or hate speech will get you gone.