I had a blast helping with the Food Pantry at Have a Gay Day today! We served 99 families!!! @ Have A Gay Day instagram.com/p/CL2nyRxH0K_ANP

Ah, a president who isn’t a giant orange bigot... it’s like a breath of fresh air.

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Transgender rights are human rights — and the House made that clear today by passing the Equality Act.

Now it's time for the Senate to do the same.

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Eugene Goodman, the Capitol officer that bravely led terrorists away from the Senate chamber, was named Acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms. He escorted Kamala Harris today as she arrived.

See? We can reward good cops and punish bad ones. Like how every other profession works.

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Mark Leggiero is the one lone Trump supporter out in front of the NYS Capitol. He says he expected a few thousand ppl here and is disappointed. He said he drove 45 minutes for a peaceful protest

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Joe Exotic was hoping for a Trump pardon and even had a limo waiting, but it was a stretch.

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Same, @bobbyberk@twitter.com. Same.

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I’m literally bawling right now😭 @SenKamalaHarris@twitter.com

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Check out Joe and Dr. Jill holding hands all the way down, like they actually like each other! 😁💜

Michelle is on FIRE! So much class in this image.

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Maybe congress should have invited school children to teach them what to do in the case of an active shooter.

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Reminder fo what capitol "security" in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Matter protests this summer.

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He thinks New York is a ghost town because every time he’s here all he hears is “Booo”

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Attorney-General Cameron, @kyoag@twitter.com, I demand justice for Breonna Taylor and I am tagging 5 friends who I hope will do the same: @BriDanann@twitter.com @ParttimeMage@twitter.com @dorkyducklin13@twitter.com @nerdnotebook@twitter.com @phg_bystander@twitter.com twitter.com/dembookstho/status

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If you are in need of masks please visit one of our Dayton fire stations. !

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