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From 11 Sep: ’War with a country that didn’t believe in us’: Herschel Walker botches 9/11 facts on 21st anniversary - Republican United States Senate candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia completely misrepresented th...


From 11 Sep: ’This is not normal’: House Progressive Caucus leader shares graphic death threats from MAGA extremists - “We are at a precipice and we’re counting on the American people to come through—and I have hope ...

From 11 Sep: The Webb Space Telescope Snaps Its First Photo of an Exoplanet - The grainy image of a “super Jupiter” is a sign of what’s to come as the telescope’s observations ra...


From 09 Sep: Transgender student, 13, interrogated in school by Texas agency over ‘child abuse’ order - Sign up to our Evening Headlines email for your daily guide to the latest newsSign up to our free US...

From 07 Sep: Scientists glean new insights into how tardigrades can survive dehydration - Enlarge / SEM Micrograph of a tardigrade, more commonly known as a water bear or “moss pig... -biology -bears

Anyone aware of a FOSS - preferably self hosted - grammar checker, or at least one with a robust and trusted privacy and confidentiality component?

From 05 Sep: In New Zealand, conservation is buoyed by Indigenous knowledge - Enlarge / The northern kōura (Paranephrops planifrons), or freshwater crayfish, is both ec...

Capsule review of S3 of The Umbrella Academy: The entire plot is generated by characters being selfish, mean, arrogant, distrustful, not listening to others, and double crossing everybody. Constantly. To the point of being stupid.

And pretty much everybody (except Luther, Klaus, and Sloane, at least so far, give them time) crosses the line from "anti-hero" into acting actually evil at some point.

Those two things make this season far less satisfying than the first two.

This was, um, sorta required because of the php 8 upgrade when I updated it all to bookworm, and I have several apps that cannot deal with php above 7.

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"The Bubble" (Netflix) is a cute and fun Apatow movie of a bunch of REALLY talented actors making fun of Hollywood, film, and action movies in a movie. Not a great movie, but definitely fun and worth the runtime.

I've been redoing parts of my server (moving bare metal components to Docker, etc). Both fulfilling and frustrating in equal measure.

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