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Some people will actually have a pinned thread on their profile that has links to all of their older posts and what they're about. You may want to consider doing that if you want other people to find your older posts.

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If you *really* care about finding your old posts, you may want to get in the habit of saving it in different places. You can save it with Mastodon bookmarks, browser bookmarks, or by saving the link to a text file.

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I love to remind people that the war on drugs is a scam created by racist politicians

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American west faces water and power shortages due to climate crisis: UN environment agency

I agree that Brittany Griner should be released and also every single person in the United States who is currently imprisoned for weed possession should also be released, like, immediately

What do people consider 'forever' file formats. I.E file types that are open source and won't become obsolete quickly and can run on minimalist computers. I know that lots of people consider txt's to be pretty good for everything plain text, but what about odt and odf for word processing and spread sheets? Is ogg, flac or acc better than mp3 for music and audiobooks? Giff for images?

I'm a sci-fi writer and want to know what 'old tech' might still be useful in the future.

Thanks Mastodon!

"A golden snail with a foot clad in iron scales seems like a creature from science fiction. But in a few remote spots of the Indian Ocean these snails are very real."

"All three sites where they live – an area of less than 0.025 sq km (0.01 sq miles), which together would fit inside ... are potential targets for deep-sea mining."

There is a point where I completely stop caring about the welfare of people who actively work to give away their own rights and undermine their opportunities.

Traditionally published author friends:

Yesterday, Penguin Random House stated under oath that $100,000 was not a large advance.

Get that official transcript before negotiating your book contract.

me talking to christians the same way christians talk to me (buddhist):

Why I am "bad at socializing":

Other People: "Oh, I like Chick-fil-A's Mac and cheese."

Me: "I prefer mine without bigotry flavoring."

Other people: "Oh, did you see the new Hobby Lobby opening?"

Me: "Oh, I go to stores that don't force their religious views on employees "

Perhaps the problem is less that I am "bad at socializing" and more "bad at ignoring bigotry".

I honestly forgot there are people who aren't bothered by openly bigoted businesses.


From 03 Aug: GOP governor’s nominee quits historic resources board after defending Southern secession - Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s nominee to the state’s board of historic resources resigned after ...


From 03 Aug: How Scientists Are Reviving Cells in Dead Pigs’ Organs - Researchers said they hoped to increase the supply of human organs for transplant by allowing doctor...


From 03 Aug: A ‘Reversible’ Form of Death? Scientists Revive Cells in Dead Pigs’ Organs. - Researchers said they hoped to increase the supply of human organs for transplant by allowing doctor...

From 03 Aug: Zelensky responds to accelerated calls to legalize same-sex marriage in Ukraine - CNN  —  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ...

From 03 Aug: What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? - What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? The short answer: semantics. The long answer...

From 03 Aug: The heartbreaking truth about those cute doodle dogs - The family—a couple and their four children, ages 5 to 11—wanted a dog in the worst way. Not ju...

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