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From 13 Jun: Personally Witnessing Medical Injustice - The injustice of healthcare in the US often takes place quietly. Do not look away. -care

Sorcerers are just mages who couldn't figure out how to do a proper literature review.


From 10 Jun: Worst Episode Ever Returns to Remind Us Chip ’n Dale: Rescue Rangers Once Went Bizarrely Racist - Screenshot: Disney In 2020, Disney added a warning in front of several of its films, inclu...


From 09 Jun: Tesla Autopilot safety faces bigger questions as US upgrades crash probe - EnlargeGetty Images Sjoerd van der Wal The National Highway Traffic Safety Ad...

From 12 Apr: How to Provoke Brennan Lee Mulligan (or any DM) - Roll for mustiness, please From: Adventuring Party S1E13 - Choppy Skullduggery (There are no spoilers in the video) Previously titled: “How to Trigger Brennan Lee Mulligan“


From 09 Jun: Facebook enforces ban on gun sales with 10-strikes-and-you’re-out policy - EnlargeGetty Images artas People who buy or sell guns on Facebook can violate...


From 09 Jun: How Abortion Clinics Are Racing to Prepare for a Post-Roe America - Access to reproductive care depends on more than red states vs. blue states—but that will matter. He...

In a 1666 paper for the Royal Society of London, physicist Robert Boyle listed things to be researched about coal mines including whether coal miners ever meet subterranean demons.

From 07 Jun: Want to Understand Delusions? Listen to the People Who Have Them - A small group of schizophrenia researchers thinks that personal narratives can tell us what test sco...


From 06 Jun: Biden administration tries to boost domestic solar manufacturing - EnlargeGetty Images On Monday, the Biden administration announced a suite of po... -administration -of-energy -energy -power


From 21 May: Baby foxes playing with GOPRO - 5 little fox puppies find my gopro and start playing with it:) ------ SK - Pri líščich norách nikdy nie je nuda. Skúsil som tam nastražiť svoju GOPRO s motion detekciou a výsledok na seba nenechal dlho čakať:) Turiec, Slovensko.


After talking to a Black Cuban man who supports 45, I couldn't help but remix this cartoon...


From 03 Jun: Trans and Nonbinary Youth Are More Likely To Experience Sexual Violence, New Study Finds - A new study, published by the JAMA Network (Journal of the American Medical Association), has found... -rights

From 02 Jun: Things We Saw Today: Lynda Carter Reminds Everyone That Wonder Woman Is an LGBTQ+ Icon - While corporate logos may only be surface-level support for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion a few weeks... -on-the-internet -b -ball-z -weinstein -carter -thee-stallion -leia -rights -woman


From 03 Jun: Is Donald Trump Jr. Seriously Trying To Hawk Pride Merch? - Pride Month is always fun because in addition to getting a month packed with events celebrating LGB... -grabs -trump-jr. -month


From 02 Jun: What to Say if a Kid Asks, “What Does It Feel Like to Die?” and Other Questions About Mass Shootings - An estimated 311,000 children in this country have experienced gun violence at school since the Colu... -shooting


From 02 Jun: The Education Department Just Took Its Biggest Debt Cancellation Step Ever - Late on Wednesday evening, the Education Department announced that it will automatically cancel .8... -debt

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