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Less than a week at the new temp (3 month) gig. Literally every day has had an example of something I groused about at my last job... and these folks just... don't do the stupid thing. They stop and evaluate and decide what works best.

Thus, I suggest that "It's like this everywhere" be added to "You're lucky to have a job" as red flags for any employer.

I updated the gay NASA wallpaper pack inspired by the Heartstopper books last night.

It now includes a bi, ace, trans and ally versions for those who identify as other than gay.

I should be adding more in the coming days.


From 12 May: These Nanobots Can Swim Around a Wound and Kill Bacteria - Researchers have created autonomous particles covered with patches of protein “motors.” They hope th...

From 11 May: Manage your Gmail filters from the Linux command line - Automation is a hot topic right now. In my day job as an SRE part of my remit is to automate as many...

From 10 May: Ticks Are Spreading in the US—and Taking New Diseases With Them - The vast majority of tick-borne disease goes unrecorded, meaning life-threatening pathogens are trav...

From 10 May: My open source journey with C from a neurodiverse perspective - I was born in 1982, which in human years is only 40 years in the past (at the time of writing). In t...


From 09 May: The Ramifications of Roe’s Fall Won’t Stop at Abortion Bans - In certain states, politicians could leap on the opportunity to push for the criminalization of cert...

From 29 Apr: How to Install h.264 decoder on Ubuntu Linux - When you start using a fresh installed Ubuntu system and try to open an MP4 file to play videos, i...

@StevenSaus @noyovo I think an interesting idea to be considered in this context is the "The Tyranny of Structurelessness" ( ). Sometimes, informal can be worse because it means unadressable hierarchies - people can pretend they don't have the power or influence they actually have. Because yeah, it is unavoidable that some people will accrue respect and influence and control over some areas.

From 08 May: networking - How to detect if a network is blocking outgoing ports? - Super User - /questions/1336054/how-to-detect-if-a-network-is-blocking-outgoing-ports/1336056#1336056

Wolfenstein 3D is 30 years old, so play the OG Wolfenstein… which is 41 years old. That’s about as long ago as the game was from real Nazis.

uspol, abortion 

We have reached the point where the forty-year slow build is now an avalanche. Expect more like this, then for them to come for your contraception (all while waving this as a banner to hide their other bigotry and profiteering).

aren't you tired of being nice(1)?
don't you just want to go shutdown(8)?


The GOP playbook has been to remove critical thought and education from our public schools throughout my lifetime. This is its culmination.

The Republican leader said the prospective overturn of Roe v. Wade sets the table for Texas to 'resurrect' a challenge to Plyler v. Doe (1982) requiring states to offer free public education to all children .

Alright, time to see if Mastodon can do the midst important part of social media: crowdsourcing answers to dumb questions

My ten year old wants a game to couch co-op with me. Something pokemonesque would be ideal, something low on boobs and blood is essential.

My boy got upset at the T&A in Digimon: cybersleuth. We're looking at probably aroace kid whose primary passions involve Minecraft. I cannot play Minecraft to save my life.

Responses/boosts appreciated!!

"If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they're happy." DOROTHY PARKER

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