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From 17 Nov: Boosters for all is critical, not a luxury, Fauci says as FDA decision nears - Enlarge (credit: Getty Chip Somodevilla) The Food and Drug Administration is ... -administration -19 -19-vaccines -health


From 18 Nov: Carl Sagan Warns Congress about Climate Change (1985) - Without climate change, we couldn’t inhabit the Earth as we do today. The greenhouse e... -affairs


From 17 Nov: FBI raids home of Trumpist county clerk in probe of voting-system passwords leak [Updated] - Enlarge / Tina Peters. (credit: Tina Peters’ campaign website) The FBI joined st... -peters

Hey, look, it’s executive dysfunction! Interesting to be able to recognize it in realtime...

work wanted

Do you have any need/leads on global remote work, tech, consult, advising, comms, research, managing, etc?

I have been a developer, instructional technologist, lecturer, garlic farmer. Also expert in digital multimedia, broadcasting, show/set/space/installation design.

Can I cheaply assist your creative/activist endeavour?

Do you like industrial, powernoise:

commission sound design or remix?

thank you


One of the downsides of learning about my stress/trauma responses is that I am now AWARE of my stress/trauma responses, and it's kind of horrifying.

Which also means those things are now bumped to the top of the list when I am able to see a therapist again. Because if you're aware of a problem and do nothing to address it, you are contributing to the problem. *

* Before someone says it: Yes, you can only do what you're able to do. That's still doing *something*.

I have been *THOROUGHLY* impressed with the speed, friendliness, and thoroughness of the helpline folks for both the VA and at the federal level. SO much better than where I've had to call help lines for private companies (in *any* sector). Completely shattered my expectations.

From 17 Nov: Wherein I, To My Surprise, Recommend an Indie Streaming Service - I highly recommend the Dropout streaming service. Watch the videos (for free) that convinced me it was worth it. &d .tv -service

From 16 Nov: GTA Modders to Court: Our Game Fixes & Enhancements Are Fair Use, Not Piracy - Earlier this year a group of programmers and Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts released ‘re3’ and ‘reVC’,... -and-sites -infringement -use -two

From 12 Nov: E-Cigarettes Could Be the New Nicotine Patch - England will allow doctors to prescribe vaping devices to people who want to quit smoking—if manufac...

From 16 Nov: CANAL+ Sends Preemptive Takedown Notice to Pirate Sites Ahead of TV-Show Premiere - It’s commonly known that copyright holders regularly send takedown notices to pirate sites, asking t... -piracy -plus +

From 15 Nov: COP/out - “Governments should be afraid of their people”—Alan Moore It was our “last chance to act”, acco... -praise-of-biocide

From 16 Nov: X11, Kodi, CRON, The Terminal and You - I figured out how to (safely) start an X11 program - Kodi in this case - from the commandline. Written up here for someone else trying to figure out the same thing.


From 15 Nov: Small-city mayor arrested in big revenge-porn case, faces 50 criminal charges - Enlarge / Andrew Bradshaw, mayor of Cambridge, Maryland. (credit: Andrew Bradshaw) ... -porn

From 13 Nov: Valve answers the question: should developers do native Linux support or Proton? - With the Steamworks Virtual Conference: Steam Deck over, we now have quite a few details that have c... -deck -play


I truly do not understand how some people claim to be "patriots" but display an (incorrect!) flag of traitors.

(Yes, I know, they're celebrating the "heritage" of slavery and racism.)


"In our society, there seems a general rule that, the more obviously one’s work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it.”
- David Graeber


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