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im not saying that ricky gervais is "unfunny" and "awful" and "bad" and "pathetic" and "pitiful" and "a disgrace to humour" and "a disgrace to every social institution of our society" and "a bastard" and "a piece of shit" and "a fuckhead" and "a dick" and and "a piece of horseshi



From 08 Oct: Shareholders pressure Microsoft into expanding its right-to-repair efforts - Enlarge / The Surface Pro 8’s replaceable SSD. Microsoft’s Xbox and Surface hardwa... -to-repair


From 08 Oct: Unvaccinated patients are getting kicked off organ transplant waitlists - A growing number of medical facilities across the country are directing coveted organ donat... -19 -19-vaccination -health


From 08 Oct: There will soon be no more ads denying climate change on Google - Enlarge / A fire engine drives into air thick with smoke along Juniper Hills Road as the Bobcat F... -change

From 05 Oct: Brain implant relieves patient’s severe depression in “landmark” US study - US researchers have successfully relieved a patient’s severe, long-term depression w... -stimulation -implants

From 04 Oct: It’s Time for a Documentary About Tim Curry’s Pennywise - Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Image: Warner Bros.Tim Curry’s turn as Pennywise i...


From 03 Oct: The decreasing cost of renewables unlikely to plateau any time soon - Past projections of energy costs have consistently underestimated just how cheap renewable ... -and-gas

From 24 Sep: Beginner guide: How to secure your self-hosted services - Hi guys, I decided to write this little guide following a bunch of posts about people having their ... -help

From 20 Sep: How To Identify Operating System Using TTL Value And Ping Command - By sk September 20, 2021 Written by sk September 20, 2021 1,744 Views Did you know that ...

From 08 Oct: Muppets Haunted Mansion Is a Perfect Puppet Balancing Act - Great terror might not really reside within, but a great time does.Screenshot: DisneyToday, The Mu...


From 09 Oct: President Joe Biden becomes first president to proclaim Indigenous Peoples’ Day - Oct. 9 (UPI) -- President Joe Biden is the first president to issue a proclamation for Indigenous P...

From 08 Oct: Nations agree to 15% minimum corporate tax rate - Getty ImagesMost of the world’s nations have signed up to a historic deal to ensure big companies p...

From 08 Oct: Russia labels reporters foreign agents after Nobel award - Getty ImagesHours after independent editor Dmitry Muratov was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize...

From 05 Jun: Renaissance Fair Commercial - Prithee, prithee, PRITHEE!!! Written and performed by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Alan Starzinski Directed by Michael Hartney and Justin Tyler Originally performed at Characters Welcome on 4/20/15 at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre East Village Shot and edited by Lou Gonzalez

From 25 Sep: Keeper - Night Mode - 💖 Get my process, wallpapers, and support my art on🎨 Follow me :🌸Instagram:🌸Twitter:🌸Artstation:🌸Prints:…

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