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From 29 Aug: A bad solar storm could cause an “Internet apocalypse” - Enlarge / Even if the power comes back after the next big solar storm, the Internet may not. Scien... -&-it -mass-ejections -cables

From 28 Aug: ‘Prebunking’ Health Misinformation Tropes Can Stop Their Spread - Preemptively familiarizing people with centuries-old anti-vaccine narratives may be more effective ...

From 03 Sep: Print files from your Linux terminal - Printing on Linux is easy, but sometimes it feels like a lot of work to launch an application, open...


Every time I hear them call a code on one of the COVID units, I know the anti-vaxxers are claiming another victim.

Every one of these preventable deaths are thier fault.

Every. One.


From 02 Sep: They Told You They Were A Snake - It’s buck wild that the GOP turned Texas into a vigilante police state, and there’s still people pretending it’s okay to be a Republican.


Every time I hear them call a code on one of the COVID units, I know the anti vaxxers are claiming another victim.

Every one of these preventable deaths is their fault.

Every. One.

bigots, uspol 

Saying that you're Republican but don't support their sexist and racist actions is like saying you're a member of the KKK but not one of the racist ones.

uspol, bigots 

It is buck wild that the GOP has turned Texas into a populist police state against women and yet there are *still* people who pretend the GOP isn't sexist through and through.

(I said the same thing when they championed someone who bragged about sexual assault, so I'm not *surprised*...)

There once was a singer of old
Who then broke away from the fold
He won't give you up
He won't let you down
In a word, you have been Limerick-rolled

covid, schadenfreude, sad 

Welcome to, a repository of stories of anti-vaxxers who died or came close to dying of COVID needlessly from their own scientifically un-sound and stubborn beliefs.

The goal of this list is educational. Please share to help keep more people from making the same mistake.

Texas abortion, miscarriage 

The new Texas law bans abortions after 6 weeks, but (and people are missing this) it’s really 4 weeks.

See, pregnancy actually starts on the first day of a last mensural period. Conception doesn’t happen until 2+ weeks later. Bam, 4 week ban.

You are basically pregnant until you aren’t.

If you drink, have stress, take medicine, eat ‘bad’ food, or do anything ‘risky’, you must be self inducing an abortion because you aren’t pregnant.

Miscarriages become illegal.


It is time to mess with the anti abortion vigilantes in Texas, my dudes.

This offbrand Handmaid costume packaging is more wrong the more you read.

most of the 1 star amazon reviews for raw are about it being in french

From 27 Aug: The Deranged Grimms’ Fairy Tale About A Half-Hedgehog Jerk Bagpiper Mike Trapp Goes Medieval

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