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Hey hey, fedi admins, I've gotten several reports in a row about users from remote instances which have turned out to have no admin account set, no other contact info provided and no TOS.

If your instance is a blank slate but not single-user, maybe be aware many of us will simply defederate? This seems to be getting more common and it would be sad to lose other moderated/attended instances if you meant to fill stuff in and just never got to it. #mastoadmin

worker surveillance 

so this is what happens when "no, you can't work from home" is no longer an acceptable answer in endzeit capitalism:

they figure out how to spy on your in your home instead

because what you can do for them isn't important. that they own you, in your entirety, during contracted hours is.

**Nearly 3 in 4 New Yorkers Favor Taxing the Rich to Austerity: Poll**

"Jon Queally, staff writer: Survey shows that voters across political spectrum prefer raising taxes on state's wealthy to cutting essential services and key public programs.: "

#news #bot

"Slack is Building a Clubhouse-like Feature" is the most race-to-the-bottom headline I've seen in a while.


So fun watching the "small government" folks adding laws to fix a nonexistent voting problem while standing on the bodies of those killed by gun violence and insisting there's too many laws around gun ownership.


Fun fact: If you support voter laws that were previously used during the Jim Crow Era to suppress the Black vote, then yeah, you're supporting racism.

This effort comes after the city installed 30 cameras in the Twin Towers neighborhood to automatically read license plates. The readers were part of a pilot program that ran from April to July 2020.

The city also deployed ShotSpotter listening technology to detect gunshots in West Dayton neighborhoods earlier this year. The coalition argues that very few people were consulted before either system was installed.

MY NOTE: Of course it was in the poor neighborhoods.

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