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Boomers, broadly speaking, have no natural defenses for online bullshit and internet culture is disrupting everything they touch -- and that includes governments and structures of control and power.

TIL Chrome ignores CRL. Instead, it pushes out a curated list of invalidated certificates that it thinks are important enough to know about.

And no, we can't see the list.

So, if my web store is hacked and I invalidate the certificate, Chrome users will never know.


This is a good year to enshrine everyone’s right to housing, food, water, education, healthcare, and income whether they have a job or not. The future of “work” under capitalism isn’t waiting for social policy to catch up. It’s troubling the pandemic hasn’t already solved this.


SqUID warehouse logistics robot by Bionic Hive.


Until we break apart the military and civilian space exploration and science, US space programs will always be linked with fascism.


From Monday: “What should be particularly uncomfortable for the space community is that some of the most prominent Republican members on space issues in Congress are at the forefront of this futile effort to overturn the outcome of the election.”


Anyone else find out they'd been stood up or ghosted by seeing them post about other plans on social media?

I'm so confused by this, particularly since they friended *me* on social media, and only a few weeks ago... so, just me?

From 12 Jan: Strange new star created by colliding white dwarfs is like nothing we’ve seen before - The central star in nebula IRAS 00500+6713 may be a new type. ESA’s XMM-Newtown X-ray telescope vie...

Hope the phrase "falsehoods" goes away at some point. Why use two syllables when you can just say "lies"...?

Rebecca Solnit: On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway ‹ Literary Hub -

The implication is the usual one: we—urban multiethnic liberal-to-radical only-partly-Christian America—need to spend more time understanding MAGA America. The demands do not go the other way.


From 12 Jan: Preparing For The Worst Case - Worried about how to prepare if things go bad? Here’s some tips.


Some legit history about racial struggle in the US, with lots of info I didn't get taught in school.

From 22 Dec: Listen to Forests From Around the World With - Photo: Teo Tarras (Shutterstock)A simple walk in the woods can be a sensory treat: in addition to ev...


From 09 Jan: Stand Up Or Be Complicit On Your Knees - You want peace? You want this kind of bigoted bullying to end? Then you must stand up now. Not tomorrow. Not when they attack again - because they will - but right now.

From 29 Oct: Junglepussy - Bad News - Jp4 out now everywhere:) Film/Edit/Direct @mordbidtheclown Painting @junglepussy Makeup @raisaflowers Leather @_possessed_ Produced by @nickhook


From 08 Jan: And The Show Must Go On - We are not coming up on the end of the movie. We do not get to relax and eat the popcorn. -justice


From 08 Jan: The Problems Of Fact Checking - Blunt-force fact-checking can obscure the truth as well as reveal it. -justice -media -checking

in case you were wondering the superior pop choice: faygo is union. woop woop.

It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.

"I know he wouldn't die for you, but he would let you die for him."

-Naomi, *The Expanse*

us pol 

I haven't looked at the news in hours, so maybe (hopefully) this has been contradicted by more recent reports, but my understanding is that Pence refused to overturn the electoral college vote when asked to by Trump. Then when the (actually quite small) mob of white supremacists got past the mysteriously underprepared capitol police, the relevant authorities refused to call out the national guard until Pence instructed them to.

Pence's sense of duty or whatever may just have seen off a coup. I'm not here to praise him, however. He's a craven, opportunistic moral monster. This was very very close. Obviously, there would still have been actions to stop it, but frankly it should never have been this close.

This isn't over. It's important to have a plan about what to do if this carries on before inauguration. This plan may be just stopping all work and going out in the streets in your town. It may mean blocking bridges. It may mean becoming ungovernable.

Small acts in the mean time include asking your local government to pass pro-democracy resolutions and writing letters to the editor of newspapers and asking your pastor to say something. It's important that this be widely condemned in as many venues as possible.

In the longer term, anti-racist work is the way forward.

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