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Man, being a youtuber must suck. It's clear that a lot of these people no longer have any good ideas, and are just pushing out content because they have to.

I just saw one youtuber, who used to have cool content, ask a question with the name of her video, and then write YES on the still shot.

So why do I need to watch the video, now, exactly? Just to show off some object you own, which you already showed off when you bought it?

police abducting rather then arresting 

Columbus ‘paramilitary’ police with assault weapons jump out of unmarked vans to abduct protester – Raw Story


Finally some good news, scientists discovered a treatment that can reduce COVID19 transmission by 70%, and its just a piece a cloth you wear in front of your dumb fucking face


Them: "Must be hard wearing that mask all day."

Me: "Better than dying on a ventilator."

From 26 Jun: Weekend Project: Whole House and Streaming Audio for Free with MPD - Take control of your music and set up this DIY project and enjoy your music collection everywhere using free and/or open-source programs.

@drwho Never attribute to malice or stupidity that which is sufficiently explained by religious fundamentalism.

lgbti+ respect, family 

Respect Street - It's a Two-Way Road that Family Should Travel Together

"After a lifetime of showing respect to my parents and grandparents, if they can't do the same for me, they no longer deserve that respect. "


From 26 Jun: These Free Books Can Help Kids with Autism Understand the Pandemic - Image: Tara Tuchel (Autism Littler Learners)It can be difficult for any child (or adult, honestly) t... -parenting -needs

uspol, racism 

Two new studies find racial anxiety is the biggest driver of support for Trump - The Washington Post

"Racial attitudes may play a larger role in opinions toward Trump than once thought. Economic concerns, on the other hand, don't seem to have as much of an impact on support for Trump."

uspol, social media 

Verizon is the biggest advertiser to join the Facebook ad boycott so far - The Verge

"Verizon joins ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s and numerous sports and outdoor lifestyle companies, including The North Face and Patagonia, and film distributor Magnolia Pictures in the boycott."

uspol, covid 

Exposure to Sean Hannity may be lethal, studies on COVID-19 suggest - Fast Company

"New studies suggest a correlation between Hannity’s stubborn denial of the coronavirus and a higher rate of cases in areas where he has the most viewers."

constantly in awe of people who are unaware that doing blackface is extremely racist. its especially revealing when they are like grown ass college age adults and they still dont know.

you have never talked to a black person in your life.


On Thursday, five federal regulatory agencies voted to roll back a key financial rule enacted following the 2008 financial crisis. The change will make it easier for banks to invest in venture capital and will tweak some restrictions on bank investing in hedge funds and private equity—all forms of riskier investing that Congress limited after 2010.

From 25 Jun: Dada or Dumb?: An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin - I have no idea what to make of “An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin“. It’s either genius or trash. -review


From 25 Jun: Trump to Celebrate White Supremacy With 4th of July at Mount Rushmore - In the wake of national protests over racism, police brutality, and a growing movement to reexamin... -trump -rushmore -dakota

From 25 Jun: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes - Since the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency, the editors at McSweeney’s have been...


From 25 Jun: Two record DDoSes disclosed this week underscore their growing menace - Distributed denial-of-service attacks—those floods of junk traffic that criminals us... -&-it -denial-of-service

@StevenSaus I'm really curious what direction the show is going to take in the face of the protests. I know that the crew on the show were pretty vocal about standing up against police violence, and specifically called out actors who play cops to stand up against police violence with them.

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