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From 20 Mar: No, Tonic Water Isn’t a Coronavirus Cure (But Gin and Tonics Are Delicious) - Jacob Lund/Shutterstock There’s promising news that an antimalarial drug might help in the f...

OHIO folks: The director's order that we were (wisely) just exhorted to read is on a server that just overloaded (502 errors). Give it a little while before looking again, especially so the content distribution network has a chance to cache it so all can read it.

DeWine asked about large congregation churches still meeting: (Almost a direct quote) "We didn't order religious organizations [to close]... This is serious. When you're coming together, whether it's in a church or wherever, it's dangerous. It's just dangerous. We have the ability to do things by TV or other ways. I would implore priests, rabbis, to think about your congregations."

naming my child "webfinger". it was the only choice available, all the others were taken.

“In interviews with the Guardian, several workers at Target and Walmart expressed concerns.

Workers said they were anxious about working in crowded environments, with increased workloads, understaffing, inadequate sanitation protections and lack of increased compensation or paid time off for workers now on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.”

OHIO: Critical businesses (part of supply chain) - Wal*Mart, Kroger, Meijer, Amazon, GoJo, Discount Drug Mart, pizza delivery all name-checked - who are looking to hire folks for (temporary?) work in Ohio and that will remain open. (From daily news conference right now.)

Learned something new today: covidiot (ignores social distancing or hoards stuff)

OHIO DAYCARE CHANGES STARTING THURSDAY: All Ohio centers must operate under a special pandemic license. MAX of 6 children per room.

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Enforced by local department of health, starts 2300 on 22 Mar, continues until AT LEAST 6 April.

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Businesses that stay open: includes social distancing requirements (6', soap and water, etc). Required measures: Designate 6' distances, provide hand sanitizer for employees and customers, have separate operating hours for at risk populations, more.

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Essential workers are the same that DHS has been using and that are common among other states.

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Exceptions are common sense ones - essential activities for health and safety, necessary supplies and services, outdoor activity (walking dog, etc, but playgrounds are closed), essential work, to take care of others.

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DeWine right now: Ohio is issuing a "stay at home order" that will be online shortly to review. Says there's nothing new in it that he's not been asking folks to do for a week or so.

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I don't know how many times I've said this, but if your minimalist aesthetic means you have to buy a whole new one when any part of it breaks, then your minimalist aesthetic is bullshit. It's just performative consumer tribalism.

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wildlife safety PSA, animal death, twitter thread link (Seanan McGuire) 

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