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From 12 Feb: Schitt’s Creek 6x04 “Maid of Honour“ - Moira shares the newly released Crows movie trailer with the Jazzagals. Johnny and Roland find a suspicious bag of money at the new motel.

From 12 Feb: Schitt’s Creek 6x05 “The Premiere“ - Alexis plans a local premiere for the “Crows“ movie and Moira makes a big splash on the red carpet. David tends to Patrick after his wisdom teeth removal.

From 12 Feb: The Flash 6x10 “Marathon“ - After The Citizen prints an explosive story, Iris’ life is threatened. Refusing to hide from those that are attacking her, Iris sets out to expose a dangerous organization. Meanwhile, Barry must face the consequences of the Crisis and fulfill Oliver Queen’s wish for him.

From 11 Feb: First same-sex marriage takes place in Northern Ireland - A Belfast couple have tied the knot in the first same-sex marriage to take place in Northern Irelan... -marriage -rights -and-style -ireland -news -news

From 31 Jan: A Worldbuilding Guide to Crafting Diverse Cultures - by Amelia Wiens One of the best parts of science fiction and fantasy is the worldbuilding. A key pa... -for-new-writers -wiens -center -blog -craft-of-writing -for-beginners -technique


From 11 Feb: Polyamory Week is under way. . . - Characters from Polybat Valentine’s Day this year is encompassed, lovingly of course, by... -week

From 11 Feb: Spain set to decriminalise euthanasia - Madrid, Spain - Spanish legislators have voted in favour of a draft bill that could see the country...

Ignorance is strength

<<.. 500 hospital staff in Wuhan had been infected with the deadly new strain of coronavirus by mid January, multiple medical sources have confirmed, leaving hospitals short-staffed and causing deep concern among health care workers.

While the government has reported individual cases of health care workers becoming infected, it has not provided the full picture, and the sources said doctors and nurses had been told not to make the total public.>>

<< Tedros Adhanom, head of the World Health Organization, calls the coronavirus outbreak a 'test of political solidarity' >>

Can... can we get a do-over

Decide What Is Unacceptable Before It Is Too Late (in all situations) - AV Edition - I have a technique for making complex decisions. This goes for all kinds of situations. And it works, even if the other people are exhibiting some really narcissistic behaviors. But you have to decide before it’s too late. (Adapted from


From 10 Feb: Profiles In Fear in Both the Gospels And The Senate - AV Edition - There was a chance to show whether we would shout “We have no king but Caesar”… or if we would demand the truth. (Recorded after the unfortunate acquittal, so but the point stands for us as individuals.) Based on

new video from me, ec and bad people in thumbnail 

hey I did a new video

it's called Defeat & Despair and it's about that weird issue you get when you want to do activism but are too busy being crushed by the overwhelming shittiness of the world itself

and how to make that not happen

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