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If someone with a collie fursona works on ISP peering, does that make them a border collie?

The world finally has an approved vaccine against Ebola

"Regulators in Europe have granted the world's first approval of a vaccine against Ebola—and health officials are wasting no time in rolling it out."


RIAA Delists YouTube Rippers From Google Using Rare Anti-Circumvention Notices

"Unlike regular DMCA takedown notices filed with Google, these notices do not appear in Google’s Transparency report. However, Google has acted on them by delisting the homepages of all five platforms from its search results. Other URLs for the platforms still appear, but their homepages are all gone."

Sci-Hub & Libgen Blocked By Austrian ISPs Following Elsevier Complaint

"Late last week, Austrian ISP T-Mobile revealed that it had begun blocking several Sci-Hub and Libgen related domains following a supervisory procedure carried out by local telecoms regulator TKK."

YouTube says it can delete your account if you're not 'commercially viable - Mashable

"In its most basic terms: if YouTube isn’t making money off you, the company can delete your account. The platform’s current terms of service do not include this language."


Hospitals Impacted By Data Breach Have Increased Death Rate: Study

"In the study, it was concluded that hospitals and medical institutions that were impacted by a ransomware attack or data breach witness 36 additional deaths per 10,000 heart attacks annually."

Great apes pass a false-belief test, hinting at a theory of mind

" it suggests that other primates may use their own perceptions and recollections about the past, rather than an actor's behavior, to anticipate how that actor will act."

Improve Your Minecraft With These Texture Packs
Resource packs can do a lot, and are really easy to install. There's several great resource packs that do a lot to tweak the experience, and I want to highlight a few here.

The Death of the Apology - The Atlantic

"But forgiveness is difficult to discuss when justice is so unevenly distributed—when there’s no meaningful consensus about who deserves redemption, or under what conditions.

And when humility gets confused with humiliation, defiance becomes a point of pride."


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The Validity of Libido as a Love Language
When "physical touch" gets called "libido", a whole different set of assumptions and judgements gets pulled into the mix.

Krispy Kreme forbids student from reselling its donuts

"Jayson Gonzalez has learned that if you buy a donut from Krispy Kreme, you don't actually own it."

The Internet Archive Fights Wiki Citation Wars With Books

"Last week, the Internet Archive announced that it’s been filling out Wikipedia’s book citations with links to two-page previews of scanned books, so that the cited passage can be viewed with a bit of surrounding context."

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Is Publishing Too Top-Heavy? -

"“There used to be a lot more books that could sell 40,000–50,000 copies. Now more sell fewer than 10,000 copies.” It seems, he said, that “it’s either feast or famine.”"

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