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Hey #Linux users!

I'm looking for a CD titler similar to a casino CW-100, and associated software and #drivers for #ubuntu or another #Debian derivative.

Do you know of something similar with Linux support? Or am I going to have to stick this thing on an airgapped XP box or a well isolated VM?

Fracking has been banned across the UK with immediate effect!

The one active site here was closed in the summer due to the earthquakes it was causing, but other sites were being explored.

This is a victory for protestors!

#fracking #protest #oil #uk

"'Use Firefox' is actually an effective means of protest," now that Google is forcing employees to use a Chrome extension for union-busting surveillance

I keep forgetting exactly how bad the handwaving "science" is on The Flash and the computer stuff is on Arrow. I still like the shows, but REALLY?

A while ago I asked my patrons what features they'd like to see in future Mastodon releases. Now, I'd like to ask you, my followers. I'd like to hear what people outside of GitHub think.


when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

I'll disguise myself as a ghost haunting my home for Halloween so kids will think I'm not at home when knocking at my door for candies

Mozilla are matching all donations made to the Tor project?
Time to donate! #foss #privacy

If you're in the States, open enrollment for medical insurance through starts on November 1st. ACA hasn't been gutted completely yet, take advantage of what you can while you can.

Please boost or toot about it too.

Halloween Music Review: Terrortron and “Sleeper Street”
Evoke the spirit of 80's horror with these two artists this season (and all year long)!

Being trustworthy is critically important. You *should* keep your word in almost all situations. I’m not giving you permission to be a flake. I’m just saying, if that’s the only thing keeping you in a truly miserable situation, cut your losses and GTFO. The fact that a younger and more naive you agreed to something years ago isn’t the highest law in the universe.


Halloween Music Review: Bloody Hammers
Channel your gothic self this season (and the rest of the year) with Bloody Hammers!

I had an anthropology professor who said the practical definition of art vs. craft is: it's art if it's made by white men, craft if it's anyone else

It's still good to look at what's classified as art with that in mind

If you run a pyramid scheme with money they call it "evil", and "conniving", but you run a pyramid scheme with people's labor it's "entrepreneurship"

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