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Gem City Market breaks ground: ‘This is going to help my neighbors’

"Organizers say the co-op will provide healthy food to the area. The market will also employ 27 people."

late stage capitalism 



> Keybase’s iOS client has received a backdoor.
> It seems that Stellar, the extremely well-funded and well-marketed cryptocurrency, has struck a deal with Keybase to “airdrop” (give away) their tokens to keybase users in an effort to drive adoption.
> Keybase updated their iOS client to sign an attestation, as a user, that a given stellar address belongs to them, even if it does not. This is done without any user interaction or consent, violating the fundamental principle of Keybase’s product until now: the user controls their keys.
> Of course, the user controls their keys using Keybase’s software, which, under normal circumstances, means the user controls their keys. But in this instance, Keybase’s software decided to sign, for a user, without their knowledge or consent, an attestation saying that username* is a legitimate stellar payment address for the user—even if the user has never heard of it.


Scientists Watch a Black Hole Shred a Star to Pieces for the First Time | Mysterious Universe

"they’ve never seen one like ASASSN-19bt, which they recently watched shred a star into solar spaghetti strands before twirling it on a cosmic fork and slurping it down."

There is no better use for a custom soundboard than a Star Trek tabletop role-playing game.



“Do not call the inability to start laziness. Call it fear. Stop yelling at yourself. Be nice. Call fear by its right name.”

— Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

Doordash's breach is different

"Doordash, by its nature, includes the home addresses of people who otherwise avoid disclosing where they live."

Adobe and Google Open Redirects Abused by Phishing Campaigns

"Google and Adobe open redirects are being used by phishing campaigns in order to add legitimacy to the URLs used in the spam emails."

Libraries & Archivists Are Digitizing 480,000 Books Published in 20th Century That Are Secretly in the Public Domain

"a coalition of archivists, activists, and libraries are working overtime to make it easier to identify the many books that are secretly in the public domain, digitize them, and make them freely available online to everyone."


DoorDash confirms data breach affected 4.9 million customers, workers and merchants - TechCrunch

"The company also said consumers had the last four digits of their payment cards taken, though full numbers and card verification values (CVV) were not taken. "




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Faith Collapsing

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