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I am finally watching *The Lost Boys*, closely observed by three superfans. The pressure is intense. 😀


Transcribed screencap:

Still have no idea how people can...

* work a full-time job
* cook dinner often
* exercise regularly
* enjoy weekends
* keep the apartment clean

Seems basic, but I can't consistently do it.


Current full-time (40hr/wk) jobs aren't designed for single people to do this; they're post-war relics & depend on the unpaid labor of a spouse for cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.

You're not deficient for not being able to do it yourself

Google Contractors Vote to Unionize Given Company's Track Record of Crappy Treatment

"Contractors working at Google’s Pittsburgh office recently announced they’re aiming to unionize, marking the latest contingent of employees to begin pushing back against Silicon Valley for a voice at the bargaining table."

uspol, women's health 

Major ISPs Are Blocking BitTorrent Traffic Despite EU Net Neutrality Laws

"net neutrality laws state that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) not discriminate, restrict, or prioritize traffic on the base of content, user identity, source of traffic, or application."

Rewatch the Most Popular YouTube Videos From Exactly a Decade Ago Using This Site

"I was also pretty excited to discover YouTube Decade this week, a site that resurfaces the most viewed videos exactly 10 years ago today."

Another genderless insult you can use when you find out yet another celebrity you like is a huge problem 

git push is when you tie your commits to balloons and let them rise up into the cloud

Gene-edited cattle have a major screwup in their DNA - MIT Technology Review

"Food and Drug Administration scientists who had a closer look at the genome sequence of one of the hornless bulls, named Buri, have discovered its genome contains a complete copy of a bacterial chromosome including a gene conferring antibiotic resistance."


Google finds evidence of attempted mass iPhone hack - CNN

"Simply visiting the hacked site was enough for the exploit server to attack your device, and if it was successful, install a monitoring implant"

What You See Isn’t What You Get – How Survivorship Bias Screws You IRL

There's hidden pitfalls in the ways we measure and perceive the world. Illustrated with an example using hobbits (sort of).


How To Add Accessibility to Your Videos

"That means a video with accessibility should include captions and audio description at least, to cater to users with hearing or sight impairment"


us health insurance 

end stage capitalism 

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