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Op-Ed: I made a joke about Bret Stephens and bedbugs. His response was never about civility

"When powerful people demand civility from those with less power, what they are really saying is that they expect obedience from their lessers."

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Why do groups of people who walk abreast down a hallway or sidewalk, taking up the whole width and blocking passage, get irritated when someone tries to get by?

The phrase "last first date" sounds WAY more sinister to a horror writer.

Inspiration And Images

I wrote a program to put pretty pictures behind quotations. I also uploaded all the results for your ease of use.



Lawsuit: Ark Encounter Didn’t Pay Its Fair Share of Taxes, Hurting Local Schools

"In other words, the Board of Education said Ark Encounter itself said the place was worth more than the Property Valuation Administration said it was, so why are we being shortchanged?"

Democrats Pass Resolution Acknowledging “Importance” of Non-Religious Americans

"It’s the first time, the SCA says, that a major U.S. political party has “specifically courted religiously unaffiliated people across the nation.”"


NYT’s Bret Stephens, King of the “Millennials Are Too Sensitive” Hot Take, Could Not Handle Being Called a Metaphorical Bedbug


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Broke: access card, an RFID-enabled piece of plastic that opens the door to your office

Woke: access drake, a baby dragon whose presence taps into ancient energies and opens the door to your office

Public Library Receipt Shows How Much Money You’ve Saved by Borrowing Books, Instead of Buying Them

"Every time materials are borrowed from the Wichita Public Library (WPL) customers receive a receipt showing how much they have saved in that visit, the year to date, and their lifetime savings."

Google Maps ‘Mix Transit’ Combines Biking And Ride Sharing With Public Transit

"In the coming days, you will notice a major change in the Directions tab. The new Google Maps feature will combine public transport with biking and ride-sharing, particularly for the initial and final miles."


CamScanner Android App With 100M Downloads Found Loaded With Malware

"Researchers at Kaspersky have discovered malware in CamScanner: a PDF-creator app that also converts printed text to machine-encoded text. "

David Byrne Launches Reasons to Be Cheerful, an Online Magazine Featuring Articles by Byrne, Brian Eno & More

"Reasons to Be Cheerful starts with the premise that we are subjected daily to “amplified negativity” that wildly skews our view of events around the world."

Here’s What A Phishing Attack On Instagram Looks Like Today

"The new attack includes receiving an authentic-looking two-factor authorization email. After clicking on the sign-in link, the user is taken to a fake Instagram login page, which is a pretty standard way to steal login conditionals."

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