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Straight Pride commemorates the Battle of Drywall, the first time a straight man punched drywall because he was mad about something.

@natecull Plausible:

1730, "a trick to 'catch' applause," a stage term; from clap (v.) + trap (n.). Extended sense of "cheap, showy language" is from 1819; hence "nonsense, rubbish."

A CLAP Trap, a name given to the rant and rhimes that dramatick poets, to please the actors, let them go off with; as much as to say, a trap to catch a clap by way of applause from the spectators at a play. [Bailey, "Dictionarium Britannicum," London, 1730]

Please let this be literally true, I need it to be

<< Today I learned that "claptrap" literally means something designed to trap you into applauding. It's the original clickbait. >>

The best Joker is the woman Joker who snaps after a lifetime of being told to "smile, baby" by shitty men

"The Joker should have been a woman. And she finally went insane because too many random dudes told her to smile, so now she perpetually smiles while terrorizing Gotham"

People who document evidence of violent extremism are being shut down in Youtube's crackdown on violent extremism

"predictably enough, this crackdown has caught some of the world's leading human rights campaigners, who publish Youtube channels full of examples of human rights abuses in order to document them and prompt the public and governments to take action."

Russia adds Tinder to the list of apps that have to release user data to its cops and spies on demand, without a warrant

"Tinder has been added to the Russian "Register of Information Dissemination Organizations," a regulatory designation that requires companies to turn over user data on request, without a warrant, to Russian law-enforcement and state agencies"

Televangelist explains why his private jet is "biblical"

"Prosperity gospel preacher and measles aficionado Kenneth Copeland is closing in on his first billion dollars made."

BlueKeep Bug: Even NSA Wants You To Install Windows Updates

"The BlueKeep RDP bug (CVE-2019-0708) in Microsoft Windows is a serious issue and it has been making rounds for almost a month now. As you might know, it affects older Windows versions including Windows 7 and XP."

Monterey Bay Is a Natural Wonder—Poisoned With Microplastic

"it’s poisoned with a menace no amount of conservation can stop: microplastic. Today in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, researchers present a torrent of horrifying findings about just how bad the plastic problem has become. "

@StevenSaus when will people ever learn? "If you wouldn't put it on a billboard, don't put it on a website"

I've been hearing and repeating that mantra for 20+ years - and probably will for the next 50+

New RCE vulnerability impacts nearly half of the internet's email servers - ZDNet

"The vulnerability affects Exim, a mail transfer agent (MTA), which is software that runs on email servers to relay emails from senders to recipients.

The current version already has a patch for the vulnerability. "

Microsoft quietly deletes largest public face recognition data set - The Financial Times

"The people whose photos were used were not asked for their consent, their images were scraped off the web from search engines and videos under the terms of the Creative Commons license that allows academic reuse of photos."

A valedictorian wanted to remember black victims of police brutality. She says her school cut the mic.

"“To Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and all the other children who became victims of injustice,” the 19-year-old said.

That’s when Haghar’s microphone abruptly cut off, bringing her speech to an abrupt end."



uspol, child endangerment 

Child labor 

Getting the Weather And Forecast with A Bash Script

With various services shutting down their public/free APIs, my various weather scripts stopped working. So I wrote some.

Telemedicine Makes It Safe to Get Abortion Drugs in the Mail

"telemedicine can expand the provision of safe abortions—maybe helping stave off the kind of public-health catastrophe that has followed abortion restrictions in the past. "

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