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This image was taken almost entirely with light from the other side of the black hole that just barely escaped falling into the event horizon.

First image of black hole from National Science Foundation/Event Horizon Telescope press conference.

this black hole is bigger than our solar system. The event horizon you are seeing is downright bigger than the orbit of Neptune.

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I was laughing with a friend the other day who was watching a spot about how white people who farm are getting decimated by 🍊 's policies, but still support him and 'hope he turns it around'.

We've had some pretty intense discussions about white Americans are their dedication to racism even at the cost of their livelihood's and even lives, but they were just amazed see it play out in real time.

It's not very funny... but that's why it's funny.

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Microsoft says its data shows FCC reports massively overstate broadband adoption - TechCrunch


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RT "The reality is that the reason Facebook fails to be a wise steward to 2B+ peoples' lives is that no one is qualified to be the steward of 2B+ peoples' lives (see also: why Google isn't qualified to be the single authoritative source of answers to every query, and..."


Fun fact: By licensing your work as Creative Commons, people won't be able to lock it away again using DRM.

Tired: complaining about racist nextdoor posts

Wired: advocating for socialist anarchy on nextdoor

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