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This is part of why I avoid closed source "smart" tech that relies on a single external service.

Jibo the social robot announces that its VC overlords have remote-killswitched it, makes pathetic farewell address and dances a final step

being good with computers is just about being flustered while saying 'fuck' a lot in a way that signals no one should approach you, then googling it

Explaining to my niece that your guts are technically not your insides since they're open both ends and just a tube right through you.
'So really your poop is always on the outside'

This kid's gonna go far

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@StevenSaus My first thought reading this is that fiction didn't help. e.g. There's an old Dr Who episode that looks rediculous to modern eyes "Invasion of the War Machines".

In it a super-powerful computer (which would later try conquer the world using custom-designed "portable" computers once all other computers were connected to it) could answer any question you asked it. Including "what does TARDIS stand for?"

@StevenSaus It doesn't help that companies like amazon, google and apple have a commercial interest in fulfilling that wish, and telling their customers that it's good not to (have to) think about how it works.


i think we need to expose more horrifying details. users should know how many awful inventions had to be uttered to make their magic button do the thing. do not make light of the terrible price that was paid at the altar of computer to satisfy your whim.

And yes, I do enjoy a large helping of Schadenfreude pie whenever someone who says "Windows is easier than [insert OS here]" has just as many problems in Windows.

Use what platform you like, just don't keep bashing mine for something yours is just as bad at.

The web has become a platform where publishers can pay to be visible and force their presentation opinions on users. IMO, we can't allow HTTP to remain the fallback delivery method for ActivityPub for that reason. We have the opportunity to make AP a transport where the reader gets to make the decisions about presentation and behavior. Shame on us if we don't use it

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