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So how does everyone out there handle finding out when one of their favorite artists is an asshole?

Like I have friend who won't listen to The Smith anymore because of Morrissey, despite the band being the soundtrack of his younger life.

And I have friends who can't watch Buffy anymore because Joss Whedon is a big bag of dicks.

It disgusts me when people use bureaucracy to hide the kind of selfish and vindictive actions that bureaucracy is intended to prevent.

@protestation Let me fix that headline... "Brutal Dictator Kim Jong Un Makes Important Speech".

Sugarcoating bad people doesn't help anyone or any cause... save for the cause of bad people.

"The research found that in six out of seven countries, apart from Germany, tweets from rightwing politicians received more amplification from the algorithm than those from the left; right-leaning news organisations were more amplified than those on the left; and generally politicians’ tweets were more amplified by an algorithmic timeline than by the chronological timeline."

New podcast idea just dropped: interviewing therapists and psychologists to get their diagnoses of various anime characters.

My ex employer may have just done the equivalent of a grammatical mistake when correcting someone's grammatical mistake.

I'd really rather they had been competent, but hey. I'll take whatever leverage (or even moral schadenfreude pie) that I can.


Name obscured for reasons, I took this screenshot myself. The first half is standard death eater posturing, but the second half...

"This is different than Polio, measles, etc. those are diseases, Covid is a virus."

Also, the flu vaccination isn't hit or miss, it's that there are several things we call "flu" that circulate around; that's what makes it seem that way. Check out Sawbones for more on that.

them: this [open source tool] is not capable in all the areas so we cannot use it.

me: OK what if we filled the gap?

them: unrealistic and not our policy. we should just wait for the company who is not responding to our sales questions to finally sell to us.

I am really kinda happy with the fin I made for my King Shark costume.


From 20 Oct: A Letter To My (Sort Of) Neighbor, Dave Chappelle - Just ’cause people have punched down at you doesn’t mean it’s okay to punch down on others.

Funny that erasing memories is an unforgivable sin among the Justice League (Zatanna erasing Batman's), but in Singer's X-men, it's Xavier that goes around doing it to normal humans and it's no big deal.

I am FINALLY watching X-men Apocalypse, and man, does it make Magneto's argument REALLY understandable.

From 20 Oct: Make Your Writing Portable With Markdown - Make your writing accessible and future proof (and easy for your editor to style!) with markdown. -of-writing

@StevenSaus My thesis defense, while it was going on, the campus albino squirrel came into the mathematics building through an open window. And for some reason everyone outside figured they had to catch her and put her outside instead of trusting she could work out the window herself.

So while the committee was deciding whether I passed I was huddled in a group staring into the kitchen trying to figure where Alby the Squirrel even was and holding a cardboard box with unwarranted optimism.

From 19 Oct: How to Run Android Apps on Linux - quietbits/ Ever wanted to run an Android app on Linux but didn’t want to mes...


From 18 Oct: Disinformation guru “Hacker X” names his employer: - Robert Willis, the hacker who helped build a massive, US-based disinformation network and w... -news -x -adams -news


From 18 Oct: Facebook AI moderator confused videos of mass shootings and car washes - Enlarge / Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress in April 2018. It wasn’t h... -intelligence -moderation -moderation

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