From 30 Sep: Female staff harassed at Australia’s Antarctica research stations - AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC DIVISIONWomen working at Australia’s research camps in Antarctica have endured ...


From 29 Sep: Female Docs Rarely Earn Highest Drug, Device Payouts: Study - -management -compensation


From 29 Sep: Patients face barriers to routine care as doctors warn of ripple effects from broad abortion bans - POLITICO -

From 28 Sep: Two Ways To Access A Remote PulseAudio Session Over SSH - Not using a remote desktop, and without having to edit PulseAudio’s configuration, and without running PulseAudio as a system service.

If racists, transphobes, homophobes, sexists, etc do not hate your guts and speak about you to their other bigot friends as someone it's a 'waste of time' to 'engage' with, you have to ask yourself if your progressiveness is really that progressive.


I had no idea the whole rapture thing was this toxic TO those communities. I always thought its stick aspect was pointed toward us heathens, not weaponized against fellow believers.

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Faith Collapsing

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