Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system

" SAACS is an upgrade that swaps the floppy disk system for what Lt. Col. Jason Rossi, commander of the Air Force’s 595th Strategic Communications Squadron, described as a “highly secure solid state digital storage solution.”"


Yellowstone National Park’s Sound & Video Libraries Are Free for Anyone to Use

"Yellowstone National Park maintains a collection of sounds and videos taken in the park that are in the public domain and free for anyone to use. "

Stream Dozens of Classic & Contemporary Horror Movies Free Online in October

"Kanopy, the free film streaming service, has made its horror film catalogue available online"

Engineers developed a mathematical model of Ooblek

"MIT engineers have developed a mathematical model that can predict and simulate how the non-Newtonian fluid switches between liquid and solid depending on the pressure applied to it. "

The first-ever mandatory California drug price report reveals Big Pharma's farcical price-gouging

"But the median obscures the incredible increases in the prices at the top end: generic liquid Prozac went up by 667%, generic ADHD meds went up more than 200%, and so on."

The Voyager Missions Saw a 'Tsunami' of Solar Activity Sending a Pressure Pulse Into Interstellar Space

"The fact that the Voyager missions were in separate regions of space when the GMIR arrived allowed the researchers to calculate properties of the heliosheath that had never been directly measured. "


Harpal Brar: Fascism is the violent attempt of decaying capitalism to defeat the proletarian revolution and forcibly retard its own demise. Fascism uses demagogy as a science for it dare not declare its aims openly, for it could build no mass support on the basis of its real aims.

Your phone's wifi signal can be used to identify your gait (way you walk). Your gait is unique enough that it can be used to identify you. If there is prior video footage of view, it can be matched to that too. Impressive research, scary implications

It's not sustainable to keep churning through labor staff until you HAPPEN upon a combination of 'can do their job well' and 'can tolerate the shithead management'.

Important Telegram News - Back up your chats 

Shout out to Boobies and Tits for making #ornithology a really difficult field of study to google.


frankly, this is, at best, a disgusting ignorance of what food insecurity is

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