From 11 Apr: Don’t Look Now, But Over a Third of People in the US Have Gotten a Coronavirus Shot - At this point, it’s kind of hard to absorb good news about the pandemic. But here is some to ... -updates


From 10 Apr: Bigot Nicholas Meriwether - That’s not an opinion. That’s a title. Like Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. (though without an abbreviation yet).

From 09 Apr: Google Is Testing Automatic Call Recording for Unknown Phone Numbers - Google Earlier this year, Google added call recording and transcription features to the Google P...

From 09 Apr: Google Is Testing Automatic Call Recording For Unknown Phone Numbers - Google Earlier this year, Google added call recording and transcription features to the Google P...


From 09 Apr: YouTube’s policies block ad targeting on Black Lives Matter videos - YouTube is blocking advertisers from using social and racial justice terms like “Black Liv...


From 09 Apr: Comcast nightmare: Six months without Internet despite ,000 payment - When Edward Koll and his girlfriend, Jo Narkon, bought and moved into a new house in Draper... -&-it

From 09 Apr: Want Google Search Results without Tracking? Use Startpage - StartPage Search engines like Google and Bing are notorious for tracking users, but privacy-focused...

From 08 Apr: How to Disable and Remove Chromecast in Google Chrome - Sending videos to a Chromecast-enabled device can be handy, but not everyone wants this feature. I...

its fucked up nowadays, you cant just make a thing. you have to make a running series of that thing, which goes on forever, and has a patreon, a mailing list, a discord channel, an official wiki, a fan wiki, a prima strategy guide, its own cryptocurrency, flag, national anthem, nuclear deterrent, etc


From 07 Apr: Twitter won’t let federal archivists host Trump’s tweets on Twitter - The National Archives and Records Administration is a federal agency responsible for preserv... -trump


From 07 Apr: Google illegally tracking Android users, according to new complaint - Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems has filed a complaint against Google in France alleging tha...


From 05 Apr: Supreme Court rules API copying is fair use - Enlarge / Exterior view of a Googleplex building, the corporate headquarters of Google and parent... -v.-google -court


From 01 Apr: Amazon colluded with publishers to fix book prices, class-action suit alleges - A small independent bookstore filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon last week, alleging tha... -publishers -fixing

From 01 Apr: The open source Minecraft launcher MultiMC adds more mod platform support - Need an easy way to mod Minecraft using many different sources and versions? MultiMC is a great way... -source

From 18 Mar: 8 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Android: Fix Your Internet ASAP - If your WiFi connection is unstable or drops out of the blue, chances are there is a lot of network... -app -apps -analyzer


From 05 Apr: US Supreme Court sides with Google against Oracle about copying APIs being ’fair use’ - It’s being widely reported today that in the decade-long battle of Google vs Oracle that the US Sup...

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