Anyway here's a stream of Terry Crews painting in a cozy living room with a crackling yule log

Want dark humor for your holiday? I'm watching "Happy!" on Netflix and man oh man is this a trip.

Is there a way to have YouTube links always open in Skytube (on Android)? My mild distaste has grown rather epic with the last update.

I’m extremely suspect of anyone who thinks a thing being constructed means it’s not real. Our sense of what makes up “nature” is itself artificial. Forests are a construction. But the forest is still there. Saying that because it has been shaped and defined over time just gives it historicity: it had a beginning. It changes over time and can change again.

tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for the ACA and alot of people will qualify for medicaid/care and don't know it - which means coverage is free like mine

amerigroup/bluecross isn't the best coverage and you'll fight with them but there's no copay on anything at all

dec 15th is the deadline this year... it's worth a try

You can ask people about what exactly they might like getting from you for Christmas. Could save you stress and money and spare them disappointment.🎅🤶

The element of surprise can be nice but the actual gift will stick around much longer. 🎁

<suburban mom voice> minecraft? more like winecraft ahah am i right?

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imagine thinking that Boston Dynamics' literal killing machines funded by and designed for the US military are good just because they're shaped like dogs or whatever

I get up for one second and this happens to my spot on the couch...

hot art take: good and bad don’t matter in art. the art’s effect on individual viewers/on the world is what matters. it’s about what art does, not what it is.

blew my therapists fucking mind today talking about leftism and self care and the phrase “your self worth is not determined by your productivity”

The question isn't just "how do we dismantle capitalism" it is "how do we build a system that is immune to capitalism"

Jake is helping me and @betinabaessler get better on the couch. (my cold got the better of me on my birthday, dangit)

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