From 26 May: No, Wearing a Mask Isn’t Dangerous - Photo: ShutterstockMyths about masks are running rampant, mixed in with and distracting from the cri...

From 26 May: Improve Your Critical Thinking With This Cheatsheet - Image: ShutterstockThe next time you need to think critically about something—whether you... -biases -thinking -making

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What to Know About That New Hydroxychloroquine Study

"Large study shows no benefit, serious side effects"


From 25 May: World Health Organization Halts Trials of Trump’s ’Miracle’ Covid-19 Drug, Citing Safety Concerns - Photo: George Frey (Getty images)The World Health Organization (WHO) is temporarily suspending cli... -for-disease-control -for-disease-control-and-prevention -19 -trump -cov-2 -health-organization

From 21 May: Freaky Twilight Doll May Actually Be Haunted - In The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Bella finally gives birth to her half-vampire, ...

From 20 May: The Pandemic-Induced Fire Sale in Hollywood Begins - Tom Hanks looking at the bleak Hollywood landscape? Or his character in Greyhound, a film Sony just... -tv-plus -wars


From 25 May: The Climate Case for the Four-Day Work Week - Photo: GettyJacinda Ardern has won a lot of rightful praise for New Zealand’s handling of the... -society -time -rights


From 26 May: Twitter adds label to Trump’s misleading tweets about mail-in-ballots - Twitter is taking action against Trump’s tweets for the first time. ...

making jokes about asking for CWs has a chilling effect on people who actually need to ask for CWs

I can't tell if this is stupidity or next-level trolling of those who use artificial flavorings...

From 21 May: Are Masks with Valves Less Effective? - Giedriius/Shutterstock In an attempt to minimize the spread of COVID-19, wearing masks in public...

From 23 May: The Color Out of Space - Definitely recommended for fans of the original story, and a good modernization and adaptation to film. Recommended! -review

From 18 May: Footprints capture a lakeside stroll by a group of ancient hunter-gatherers - Near the end of the last glaciation, a group of people walked barefoot along the shores of ... -africa -gatherers

From 16 May: Humans are complicated—do we need behavioral science to get through this? - Enlarge / Obviously a very scientific brain. In mid-March, just before President Trump decla...

From 15 May: Focus Less on Assignments and More on ’Essential Skills’ - Photo: ShutterstockAs the end of the school year approaches and the long summer months loom ahead, I... -skills -parenting

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