From 13 Mar: Amazing Underwater Photographs Capture the World’s Only Known Pink Manta Ray - All images © Kristian Laine, shared with permission Australia-based photographer Kristian Lain... thisiscolossal.com/2020/03/kri


From 10 Mar: A Wild, Six-Quark Particle Might Have Been Dark Matter All Along - A simulation of the cosmic web, whose scaffolding appears to be comprised of dark matterGraphic: V.... gizmodo.com/a-wild-six-quark-p -matter -physics

From 09 Mar: Why Won’t the WHO Call This a Pandemic? - Medical staff on the Polish side of the Jedrzychowice border crossing between Poland and Germany on... gizmodo.com/why-wont-the-who-c -19 -cov-2 -health-organization

From 05 Mar: Dogs Are Surprisingly Stressed and Anxious, Study Finds - Image: Josh Plueger/U.S. Air ForceNearly three out of four dogs exhibit some kind of serious behavi... gizmodo.com/dogs-are-surprisin -behavior -welfare -behavioral-problems

From 17 Feb: Fight or flight: How horror movies manipulate our brains for peak excitement - Enlarge / There’s a demon behind you! Patrick Wilson starred in Director James Wan’s 20... arstechnica.com/science/2020/0 -&-culture -films



From 12 Feb: Researchers entangle quantum memory at facilities over 50km apart - While quantum computers can do interesting things without dedicated memory, memory would pr... arstechnica.com/science/2020/0 -optics -mechanics -memory

From 05 Feb: Neanderthals’ relatives climbed an erupting volcano 350,000 years ago - Enlarge / Local residents call the tracks Ciampate del Diavolo, or the Devil’s Path. R... arstechnica.com/science/2020/0 -people-did-stuff -evolution -heidelbergensis

From 01 Feb: White dwarf causes strange relativity effect called frame dragging - Enlarge / The lit up rings in this image are caused by wobbles in a pulsar’s axis of rotatio... arstechnica.com/science/2020/0 -dragging -star -dwarf

From 30 Jan: Purell’s unproven disease-fighting claims get sanitized after FDA warning - Enlarge / Purell’s marketing might need something like this. The maker of Purell hand ... arstechnica.com/science/2020/0 -sanitizer -washing -disease

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