From 27 Jun: Doomscrolling is slowly eroding your mental health - It’s 11:37pm and the pattern shows no signs of shifting. At 1:12am, it’s m... -&-culture

From 01 Jul: The Expanse Is the Best Science Fiction on TV - I’d rather be late to a great party than never go at all, and that’s how I feel about ... -prime-video -fiction -expanse

From 22 Jun: The volcano that caused famines in ancient Rome? It was in Alaska - Enlarge / The 10km-wide caldera on Alaska’s Unmak Island formed during the 43 BCE Okmok II e... -egypt -rome -caesar -cores -caesar -dynasty -empire -eruptions


From 12 Jun: Study: People who hoard toilet paper are just looking for a symbol of safety - Enlarge / People who felt more threatened by COVID-19 and ranked high on scales of emotionality a... -19 -behavior -paper

From 28 May: New data indicates the Mississippi Delta is on borrowed time - Enlarge / The drowning of Louisiana’s wetlands is “inevitable.“ Since 1932, c... -change -science

From 18 May: Footprints capture a lakeside stroll by a group of ancient hunter-gatherers - Near the end of the last glaciation, a group of people walked barefoot along the shores of ... -africa -gatherers

From 16 May: Humans are complicated—do we need behavioral science to get through this? - Enlarge / Obviously a very scientific brain. In mid-March, just before President Trump decla...

From 13 May: Evidence Mounts for Gigantic Water Plumes on Jupiter’s Moon Europa - Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI InstituteWhile studying Europa’s... -science

From 06 May: Dramatic Fossil Shows a Squid-Like Creature Crushing a Fish in Its Jaws - A segment of the fossil showing the captured fish (brownish colored scales) with the cephalopod&rsq... -squids

From 06 May: Astronomers May Have Found the Closest Black Hole to Earth - Artist’s impression of the star system, with the black hole in red.Image: ESO/L. Calça... -holes

From 01 May: Luminescent Zip-Tie Formations Are Shaped into Futuristic Organic Life by Artist Elisabeth Picard - “Ondulation” (2014), white zip-ties, RGB LED light, and painted plywood, 
36 x 36... -fiction


From 16 Mar: Google and Verily clarify their roles in the US coronavirus response [UPDATED 3/15] - Enlarge / Dr. Deborah Birx points to a block labeled “Screening Website,“ showing its c...

From 13 Mar: Amazing Underwater Photographs Capture the World’s Only Known Pink Manta Ray - All images © Kristian Laine, shared with permission Australia-based photographer Kristian Lain...


From 14 Mar: Google contradicts Trump claims: it’s not working on a coronavirus portal - Enlarge / Dr. Deborah Birx points to a block labeled “Screening Website,“ showing its c...

From 10 Mar: A Wild, Six-Quark Particle Might Have Been Dark Matter All Along - A simulation of the cosmic web, whose scaffolding appears to be comprised of dark matterGraphic: V.... -matter -physics

From 09 Mar: Why Won’t the WHO Call This a Pandemic? - Medical staff on the Polish side of the Jedrzychowice border crossing between Poland and Germany on... -19 -cov-2 -health-organization

From 05 Mar: Dogs Are Surprisingly Stressed and Anxious, Study Finds - Image: Josh Plueger/U.S. Air ForceNearly three out of four dogs exhibit some kind of serious behavi... -behavior -welfare -behavioral-problems

From 17 Feb: Fight or flight: How horror movies manipulate our brains for peak excitement - Enlarge / There’s a demon behind you! Patrick Wilson starred in Director James Wan’s 20... -&-culture -films

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