From 14 Jan: The CIA Has Declassified 2,780 Pages of UFO-Related Documents, and They’re Now Free to Download - Everybody knows that UFO stands for “unidentified flying object.” Coined by the United... -fi

From 31 Dec: The Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants: Discover the 1977 Illustrated Guide Created by Harvard’s Groundbreaking Ethnobotanist Richard Evan Schultes - I mean, the idea that you would give a psychedelic—in this case, magic mushrooms or the chem...


From 19 Nov: Internalized gender-focused attitudes affect health, career prospects - Enlarge / Women in traditional Mosuo clothing. In most societies, there are very easy to quantify ... -science -behavior


From 15 Nov: The iOS COVID-19 app ecosystem has become a privacy minefield - Enlarge / Around 44 percent of COVID-19 apps on iOS ask for access to the phone’s camera. 32 p...


From 13 Nov: Vaccine czar calls on Trump to allow contact with Biden - Enlarge / President Donald Trump listens as Moncef Slaoui, the former head of GlaxoSmithKlines vacc... -19 -warp-speed


From 23 Oct: Huge COVID study finds remdesivir doesn’t work—FDA grants approval anyway - Enlarge / A vial of Remdesivir during a press conference about the start of a study with severely... -19 -health


From 01 Nov: Virus Hunters makes a strong case that COVID-19 is just the wake-up call - Enlarge / Scientists around the world are working not just to stamp out the current COVID-19 pand... -&-culture -geographic-channel

From 30 Sep: Numbers, Honesty, And Surveys - So there’s this thing called “Benford’s Law“ - and I think that it might be super useful in determining when people aren’t completely honest in survey research. -design


From 09 Sep: Russian vaccine trial data has some odd-looking data [Updated] - Enlarge / MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 4, 2020: Medical staff with newly delivered boxes containing... -19 -cov-2

From 08 Sep: The Rise of Molds: Dive into the Microscopic Landscape of Growing Fungi -  “The Rise of Molds” plunges into the minute world of four species of fungi as ...


From 03 Sep: Evidence slowly building for long-term heart problems post-COVID-19 - Enlarge / A fluorescent image of cardiac muscle cells in culture. Coronaviruses spread prima... -19 -cov-2

From 03 Sep: Three stars, warped rings may show how planets end up moving backward - Enlarge / An image of the exosolar system (right), and an artists’ conception of what we&apo...


From 01 Sep: “Shortsighted” and “Self-defeating”: US rejects global COVID-19 vaccine effort - Enlarge / A medical worker holds a bottle of a candidate COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford Uni... -19 -cov-2 -administration


From 01 Sep: Empirical evidence that nice people don’t always finish last - Enlarge / Look at this jerk. Think your boss is a jerk? Wonder why the management of your or... -science

From 27 Aug: Overview Timelapse: A New Book Documents Vast Changes to the Earth’s Surface by Human Hands - Construction of the Beijing Daxing International Airport 2012-Present. In a follow-up to the 2016 b... -change

From 25 Aug: Bird deaths down 70 percent after painting wind turbine blades - Something as simple as black paint could be the key to reducing the number of birds that ar... -power -turbines

From 19 Aug: Quantum reality is either weirdly different or it collapses - Quantum mechanics, when examined closely, poses some deep questions about reality. These qu... -inequality -entanglement -mechanics -superposition -friend

From 18 Aug: Does Our Sun Have a Long-Lost Twin? - Artist’s depiction of our Sun, along with its hypothesized solar companion.Image: M. WeissThe... -stars -cloud -nine -at-birth -system

From 15 Aug: Fabulous fossil preserves eyes of 429-million-year-old trilobite - Enlarge / Don’t think you can pull one over on this trilobite—he’s still got one... -eyes


From 14 Aug: Trump admin. finally kills off Obama-era rule limiting methane emissions - Enlarge / A natural gas flare from an offshore oil drilling rig in Cook Inlet, Alaska. The E... -change -crisis -protection-agency -emissions

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