From 08 Oct: Unvaccinated patients are getting kicked off organ transplant waitlists - A growing number of medical facilities across the country are directing coveted organ donat... -19 -19-vaccination -health


From 08 Oct: There will soon be no more ads denying climate change on Google - Enlarge / A fire engine drives into air thick with smoke along Juniper Hills Road as the Bobcat F... -change

From 05 Oct: Brain implant relieves patient’s severe depression in “landmark” US study - US researchers have successfully relieved a patient’s severe, long-term depression w... -stimulation -implants


From 03 Oct: The decreasing cost of renewables unlikely to plateau any time soon - Past projections of energy costs have consistently underestimated just how cheap renewable ... -and-gas

From 02 Sep: Cosmic indigestion: Swallowing a neutron star can cause a star to explode - Enlarge / A model of the supernova exploding inside a torus of gas ejected years earlier. One of t... -hole -star


From 31 Aug: RNA vaccines seem to produce very different antibody levels - Enlarge / A phlebotomist draws blood meant for antibody testing. We’ve tended to treat the RN... -19 -cov-2

From 29 Aug: A bad solar storm could cause an “Internet apocalypse” - Enlarge / Even if the power comes back after the next big solar storm, the Internet may not. Scien... -&-it -mass-ejections -cables


From 18 Aug: What to know about the US COVID booster plan—and why WHO hates it - US officials on Wednesday formally announced plans to offer COVID-19 vaccine booster shots to Ame... -19 -variant -disease -health


From 24 Jul: Nuclear power’s reliability is dropping as extreme weather increases - Enlarge / Cooling water is only one factor that limits the productivity of nuclear power plants. W... -change -power


From 13 Jul: Our brains “read” expressions of illusory faces in things just like real faces - Enlarge / This wall in an old town in Tuscany, Italy, illustrates the phenomenon of facial pareidol... -psychology -pareidolia

From 05 Jul: Did lead poisoning cause downfall of Roman Empire? The jury is still out - Ancient Rome’s emperors did some pretty bizarre stuff—bursting into uncontrollable ... -rome -&-culture -poisoning

From 07 Jul: Cluster full of black holes may be spitting out stars - As we carefully map the stars of our Milky Way, we’re able to identify features that tell us... -holes

From 14 Jun: Wikipedia’s Surprising Power in Shaping Science: A New MIT Shows How Wikipedia Shapes Scientific Research - If you were in high school or college when Wikipedia emerged, you’ll remember how strenuousl...

From 01 Jul: How a 17th-century illustration is helping archaeologists find Viking ships - In 1650, a Danish physician and antiquarian named Ole Worm conducted the first survey of a Viking... -&-culture -kalvestene -ships

From 26 Jun: All the major players spent time in the Denisovan cave - Enlarge / Neanderthals and Denisovans probably enjoyed the view from Denisova cave, too. At variou... -dna -cave -sapiens -ancestors -evolution -migration -dna -tools

From 24 Jun: The human family tree keeps getting more complicated - It’s long past time to stop thinking of humanity’s nearest relatives as forming a famil... -evolution

From 05 Jun: Reducing poverty can actually lower energy demand, finds research - Ethiopians carrying jerrycans of water. As people around the world escape poverty, you might expec... -change

From 31 May: Building a better edible - Enlarge / “Digital generated image of popsicles organized into rainbow colored pattern on pink...


From 19 Jun: The efforts to make text-based AI less racist and terrible - In July 2020, OpenAI launched GPT-3, an artificial intelligence language model that quickly stoke... -3 -learning -ai


From 10 Jun: Biggest health insurer plans to deny ER bills if it doubts you had an emergency - Enlarge / UnitedHealth Group Inc. headquarters stands in Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S., on Wednesday,... -hospital-association -medical-care -insurance

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