From 18 May: How to build a wormhole in just 3 (nearly impossible) steps - EnlargeAurich Lawson Getty Images You’ve got yourself a fancy new spaceship a...

From 27 Apr: Why Do Oreos Never Come Apart Evenly?: MIT Researchers Build an “Oreometer” to Find the Answer - Despite having been around for well over a century, the Oreo cookie has managed to retain ce... -&-drink


From 16 May: Omicron caused spike in breathing condition in babies and toddlers, study finds - Enlarge / Parents look after their son, age 5, who is being treated for croup and asthma i... -19 -cov-2 -respiratory

From 05 May: 50 years on, the lessons of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study still reverberate - Enlarge / Dr. Walter Edmondson of PHS draws a blood sample from a Tuskegee study particip... -&-culture -consent -racism -study

From 02 May: Listen to the X-ray echoes of a black hole as it devours a companion star - The sound of a binary black hole’s echoes, courtesy of MIT’s Erin Kara and Kyle Keane. Animation co... -holes

From 01 May: Scientists blast out Earth’s location with the hope of reaching aliens - The Large Magellanic Cloud, the largest satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. Accurate estima... -life

From 28 Apr: Genetics goes to the dogs, finds there’s not much to breed behavior - Enlarge / In the case of the samoyed, selection for physical characteristics produced a do...

From 22 Mar: You Can’t Just Measure When Things Are Going Wrong - Measuring things quietly in the background can have a huge impact in your productivity and quality of life.

From 21 Mar: “Evolution can occur really, really rapidly” - Enlarge / Don’t bother me, I’m busy evolving.Indrek Lainjärv / EyeEm When we th... -flies

From 18 Mar: Some types of brain studies need thousands of participants to be reliable - Deanna Barch One of the unfortunate realities of science is that small data set... -science -research

From 16 Mar: Absolutely bonkers experiment measures antiproton orbiting helium ion - Enlarge / The hardware that slows down antiprotons so they can be used in these sorts of e... -physics


From 15 Mar: Florida health official put on 2-month leave after urging staff to get vaccine - Enlarge / Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a press conference before newly appointe... -leave -19 -health

From 23 Feb: An asteroid killed dinosaurs in spring—which might explain why mammals survived - An international team of scientists used synchrotron radiation to image and analyze fossilized fish... -pg-mass-extinction -carbon-isotopes -radiation


From 21 Feb: Ivermectin fails another COVID trial as study links use to GOP politics - Enlarge / Tablets of ivermectin.Getty Nurphoto The antiparasitic drug ivermec... -trial -19 -disease -health

From 21 Feb: Study finds 90 percent of medieval chivalric and heroic manuscripts have been lost - An ecological model has been applied to estimate the number of lost medieval manuscripts in Europe.... -legend -models -&-culture -history -literature

From 15 Feb: With relief, researchers find an explanation for dark-matter-poor galaxies - Enlarge / The slightly hazy light patch in the middle of the image is the DF2 galaxy, so d... -models -matter

From 11 Feb: This Ancient Roman ceramic pot was probably a portable toilet, study finds - Enlarge / Rim fragments of a chamber pot being excavated at a Roman villa site in Sicily.R... -parasites -rome -matters -&-culture -chamber-pots


From 11 Feb: COVID causes “substantial” longterm cardiovascular risks, huge study finds - Enlarge / X-ray technicians take a chest X-ray of an unvaccinated COVID-19 patient on the ... -fibrillation -19 -attack -disease -covid -health

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