From 20 Sep: Deepfake audio has a tell and researchers can spot it - Enlarge Knk Phl Prasan Kha Phibuly / EyeEm via Getty Imagine the following scen... -deepfakes -&-it


From 16 Sep: Being a victim of rape costs an average of ,500 in medical bills, study finds - EnlargeGetty MediaNews Group Seeking emergency medical care in the US after a... -billing -assault

From 07 Sep: Scientists glean new insights into how tardigrades can survive dehydration - Enlarge / SEM Micrograph of a tardigrade, more commonly known as a water bear or “moss pig... -biology -bears

From 05 Sep: In New Zealand, conservation is buoyed by Indigenous knowledge - Enlarge / The northern kōura (Paranephrops planifrons), or freshwater crayfish, is both ec...


From 07 Sep: Efforts to ID Tulsa race massacre victims raise privacy issues - Enlarge / During the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, the city’s African American Greenwood distr... -databases -database -race-massacre


From 25 Aug: Amazon to close US telehealth service as it shifts sector ambitions - EnlargeSOPA Images via Getty Amazon is closing its telehealth service, Amazon C...

From 23 Aug: Turns out There IS Sound in Space, and it Sounds Like Your Worst Nightmare! - Most of us grew up with the commonsense wisdom that in space, no one can hear you scream. This know... -holes

From 12 Aug: Betelgeuse is bouncing back after blowing its top in 2019 - Enlarge / Artist’s conception in 2021 provided a close-up of Betelgeuse’s irregular surfac... -evolution -mass-injections


From 10 Aug: It’s not just social media: Cable news has bigger effect on polarization - Enlargesimonkr Getty Images The past two election cycles have seen an explosi... -news -media


From 28 Jul: A New Book Plunges into the Vast Diversity of the World’s Oceans Across 3,000 Years - Carl Chun, Polypus levis, from Die Cephalopoden (1910–15), color lithograph, 35 × 25 centimeters. Im...

From 30 Jul: Satellite images + lucky boat trip give new info on glowing “milky seas” - Enlarge / The boat trip went through an area of milky sea south of the lights of an island...

From 29 Jul: US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design - Enlarge / NuScale’s reactor-in-a-can.NuScale On Friday, the Nuclear Regulatory ... -power -reactor -modular-reactor

From 29 Jul: DeepMind research cracks structure of almost every known protein - Enlarge / An image released by the EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute showing the st...

From 27 Jul: Study sheds light on how dogs recognize their favorite toys - A new study found that dogs form a “multi-model mental image” of their toys. Specific breeds of dog... -cognition

From 26 Jul: One week later, astronomers find a galaxy even deeper back in time - Enlarge / The James Webb Space Telescope continues to deliver on its promises of discoveri... -formation -telescope

From 19 Jul: When Randomness Is Not Random (But Still Is Random) - The world is deeply, deeply *strange*. And you can hold that strangeness in the palm of your hand.

From 23 Jul: WHO declares monkeypox an international emergency as child cases raise alarm [Updated] - Enlarge / A negative stain electron micrograph of a monkeypox virus virion in human vesicu... -disease -health -health-emergency

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