From 07 Mar: For When Giving Reasons For Turning A Guy Down Backfires - Sometimes, giving a reason gets you the opposite effect than you want. This is one possible reason why.

From 13 Dec: The One Where My Mom Hunts (Brain) Weasels - Brain weasels show up in all sorts of places, but anyone can hunt them. -weasel -improvement


From 06 Dec: Can Monogamous Folks Use Advice For Polyamorous Folks? - I’ve been asked this a few times IRL lately, so... -non-monogamy


From 10 Nov: You Can’t Judge Someone Else’s Boundaries – Or Whether They Will Pay Your Price of Admission - You can set your boundaries and price of admission without judgment. You also can’t judge others who don’t want to pay that price. -of-admission

From 01 Nov: Getting Out of Maslow’s Basement in Working Order - Fair warning here folks: I’m struggling with this topic myself. I think I’m thinking clearly, but I’m still reeling from recent events, and want to be up front about that. I’m just a guy with an opinon. -update -health

From 23 Jun: Excuses, Motivations, and When They Don’t Matter - Someone’s motivation completely matters in relationships. Someone’s motivation can also be completely irrelevant. -of-admission

From 23 Mar: I Want You to Grow, But Will You Leave Me Behind? - “If you love something, let it go,” they say. And I used to think that was the silliest...

From 14 Mar: Being Exposed to Toxic Relationship Memes Can Warp Your Romantic Outlook - It’s been long established that human beings are social learners — and part of how they... -for-the-weekend -monogamy

From 25 Feb: The Biggest Relationship Green Flag There Is - You know, when it comes to dating advice, people tend to overly focus on red flags — negative... -flags -management -flags -control

From 09 Mar: Curation as Love Language: “Here’s Your Kind of Trash” - “Apparently everyone is talking about Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah, in case ... -curiosity -culture

From 05 Mar: Nothing Hurts More Than Someone Turning Your Vulnerabilities Against You - It has to be my least favorite kind of moment. Every time it’s ever happened is still seared ...

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