From 21 May: What the World’s Largest Organism Reveals About Fires and Forests - In Oregon, the tree-killing Humongous Fungus never would have gotten so large without the accidental...


From 19 May: Texas looks to a Clarence Thomas opinion to defend its social media law - Enlarge / Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks at the Heritage Foundation on Octob... -thomas

From 19 May: This Is Where Dirty Old Cars Go to Die - The electric vehicle revolution is gathering speed—but what happens to all those polluting cars alre...


From 18 May: Texas social media law will cause “chaos” online, Supreme Court is told - Enlarge / US and Texas flags flying outside the Texas State Capitol building in Austin.Get... -media

From 18 May: Roe’s Fall Will Limit Screening for Fatal Congenital Conditions - Many life-limiting conditions can only be detected 12 weeks into pregnancy—but some US states are pl...


From 21 May: Descartes, Perception, and Society - You think, therefore you are... but your perceptions are so, SO flawed.

From 18 May: How to build a wormhole in just 3 (nearly impossible) steps - EnlargeAurich Lawson Getty Images You’ve got yourself a fancy new spaceship a...

From 17 May: Fox News Tried To Pretend Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Exist When Pitching To Advertisers - The upfronts are happening this week, where television networks pitch their upcoming programming sl... -news -carlson


From 17 May: Jordan Peterson Booed Off Twitter After Bullying Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model - In this week’s installment of “alt-right men clowning themselves,” right-wing mouthpiece Jordan Pet... -on-the-internet -behavior -peterson -illustrated

From 17 May: This Gene Mutation Breaks the Immune System. Why Has It Survived? - Two new studies found genetic mutations that cause severe immune deficiencies are common in some rem...

From 02 May: Experience Seinfeld’s Famous “Soup Nazi” Scenes With & Without Laugh Tracks - For a twenty-first-century television fan, watching old network sitcoms can take some gettin...

From 29 Apr: Coca-Cola Was Originally Sold as an Intellectual Stimulant & Medicine: The Unlikely Story of the Iconic Soft Drink’s Invention - We all know that sweetened, carbonated soft drinks have effects on those who drink them. The most c... -&-drink

From 27 Apr: Why Do Oreos Never Come Apart Evenly?: MIT Researchers Build an “Oreometer” to Find the Answer - Despite having been around for well over a century, the Oreo cookie has managed to retain ce... -&-drink


From 16 May: Omicron caused spike in breathing condition in babies and toddlers, study finds - Enlarge / Parents look after their son, age 5, who is being treated for croup and asthma i... -19 -cov-2 -respiratory

From 16 May: Childhood Royalty Brand Lisa Frank Continues To Go After Artists as if They Own The Rainbow Palette - Last week, illustrator and comic artist Geneva Bowers took to Twitter to voice frustration about re... -mucciolo -on-the-internet -bowers -frank


From 16 May: The Supreme Court Basically Just Handed Ted Cruz Half a Million Dollars (and Also Legalized Political Bribery) - The Supreme Court took a short break from robbing us of our reproductive rights today to make the c... -on-the-internet .s.-supreme-court


From 16 May: Helen Keller Was a “Firebrand” Socialist (or How History Whitewashed Her Political Life) - We expect that histories of famous figures will prune their lives, sand down rough edges, re...

From 16 May: Repurposed Stained Glass Comprises a Disorienting Illuminated Greenhouse by Heywood & Condie - All images © Heywood & Condie, shared with permission A brilliant greenhouse suffused with a ric... -glass

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