Clickbait Is Playing You For A Fool

When we have bullshit “studies” shared and commented upon with the same weight as real research, they get to play you for a sucker, getting you to buy into whatever agenda they might have.

Hail Satan: Music, Grief, And Life (Guest Post)

Sometimes you get meaning where you can find it. Even if it's when you throw horns in the air.

Getting the Weather And Forecast with A Bash Script

With various services shutting down their public/free APIs, my various weather scripts stopped working. So I wrote some.

Detailed Portraits of Tahiti’s Third Gender by Kehinde Wiley Challenge Gauguin’s Problematic Depictions

Image is Portrait of Kea Loha Mahuta,II, 2019 Huile sur lin / Oil on linen 162,5 x 213,5 cm 64 x 84 in. photo : Diane Arques / ADAGP, Paris, 2019

NASA captures stunning photo of the entire sky in X-ray - CNN

"The arcs are actually tracing X-rays, recorded by the Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer, known as NICER. "

is all about representation…and the lack of it. – ideatrash

"Not every organization had a big presence there…but they bothered to show up. Except two of the three biggest employers in the area."

I don't know the name of this ESPN host, but every time I see him I wonder if he's somehow Jon Hamm's cousin or something.

So The Decided To Come To . I Was There.

I've been talking about the Scared Knights decision to come to Dayton since March. Yesterday it finally happened. They were pathetic. Dayton was amazing.

Perhaps the most important thing I've ever said. In shareable formats.

That's not my experience, but hey, my subjective experience isn't everyone else's.

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