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I get up for one second and this happens to my spot on the couch...

Jake is helping me and @betinabaessler get better on the couch. (my cold got the better of me on my birthday, dangit)

It is my birthday week. Don’t give me a gift. Write with us!

I am posting this early because I know I’ll be busy Friday evening, so take advantage of the extra time to both write and to tell everyone else you know who is a writer to write with us).


Took the Nuclear Kid to a classy whiskey/bourbon bar to teach him about the stuff. Man stuff.

Good morning fediverse! Survived the Underoath / Crown the Empire / The Plot In You / Dance Gavin Dance show, and had a blast.

I am currently watching cartoons streamed across Ohio from my house. The future!

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Faith Collapsing

Faith Collapsing is a host set up by me (Steven Saus) with the same sensibility of the BBS I ran back in the 1990s - I set it up for me, but folks I personally know are welcome to join if they like.