Fifty Years, One Banner, Still Problematic

Thus it’s an image of America that Americans dismayed by what America has become can’s a way for those of us who thought America would never have to fight fascism again to remember that we’re doing so to make our beloved nation the land of the free and the home of the brave.



us gun violence 

People Are Not Problems, Focus on Fixing the Problem Instead

Remember that it's you and those you love against the problem, not against each other.


Mastodon And Upgrading Debian To Buster ( and )

After upgrading my Mastodon machine from Stretch to Buster (Debian), I promptly ran into some not-transparent-to-fix errors. So if you run into these, hopefully this saves you a few hours.

Toxic Relationships Don’t Just Exist At Home

We almost never talk about the often-subtle toxic work relationships, even though these are the relationships that dominate most of our lives.

Mental Healthcare Is Even Harder To Get Than Regular Healthcare

Mental healthcare is not only difficult to get, but insurance companies are making it harder.

Show MPD’s Album Art On The Desktop With Vindauga

Want to use MPD as a lightweight music player, but want your album art displayed on the desktop? Check this out.

I know it's petty and a simple pet peeve, but the hubris of "have a blessed day" - without specifying *who* is doing the blessing - just drives me nuts.

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Faith Collapsing

Faith Collapsing is a host set up by me (Steven Saus) with the same sensibility of the BBS I ran back in the 1990s - I set it up for me, but folks I personally know are welcome to join if they like.