Long Weekend; Write Flash With Us! (With Extra Prompts!)

Because for many people it's a long weekend, stories are due Sunday with the critiques due Monday. Also, Donna, our flashmaster, has chosen THREE prompts to choose from!


Recommendation: FEVER 333

If you liked Rage Against The Machine, you will almost certainly like FEVER 333. They kick all kinds of ass, and are awesome politically and musically.


The utility of love (and love languages), Or Chocolate Bars Of Love

Relationships are like chocolate bars. Or diamonds. Or water. From a certain point of view.


So, um, Numi, are you accusing other tea of being comprised of imaginary ingredients?

Folks, if you haven't seen the awesomeness that is @pamela 's flan emojis and other artwork, you need to fix this hole in your life. You can also get stickers of them, which are just super freaking wonderful at squareup.com/store/pmm

So this pretty accurately describes my rolls tonight as our D&D characters face the Big Bad...

Always remember that the most conventionally attractive person can also look derpy as hell too.

Anyone care to explain why this USB wifi adapater has a "subscribe and save" option?

(It's apparently a lightning deal and almost half off, and as I've already had one person I shared this pic with ask, so it's at amzn.to/2CeWsmv )

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