From 05 Aug: Plant-Based Burgers Aren’t Denting People’s Beef Addiction - Alternative proteins were meant to reduce the carbon footprint of our diets. But it doesn’t look lik...

@StevenSaus partly because they're not very good. The Impossible Burger is okay, but it smells bad when cooking, and tends to cause gastric upset. Others are also failing partly because they're trying to imitate meat. If we want to move to a more plant based diet, we need to do so honestly, and not keep trying to make pretend meat.

@StevenSaus i think Beyond Meat is really good, the only reason I don't buy it very often is it is more expensive than meat
if the price of meat went up enough so that the plant based substitutes were cheaper I would switch
though I am trying to eat more tofu and want to make tempeh again, largely because of realizing I have a lot of sensory issues with meat but also yeah, environmental concerns
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