@mwlucas Would you mind answering a tech/jobs question (or pointing me in the right direction so I can be more effective)?

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@mwlucas What kinds of job titles or things should I search for if looking for software QA testing sorts of jobs to separate them from QA in other industries? Is there a specific title or phrasing I'm missing?

@StevenSaus I don't know about QA job titles, sorry.

Definitely list every language, protocol, and tool that you have accomplished real work (or real debugging) in. Save the breadth of knowledge for the interview.

Focus on your accomplishments. Your resume should say "I finish things. Here are things I have finished. They are a wide variety of things. I want to finish your things."

@mwlucas And how would you highlight "I have approximate knowledge of many things and pick knowledge up fast", or just list the languages I've worked in even a little and save the rest for an interview?

@mwlucas Thanks in advance, man. I suddenly find myself needing this info stat.

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