Pinterest is search cancer

It has so completely invaded every image search, it's nearly impossible to find original sources and attribute photos without adding "-site:pinterest.*" (minus quotes). Even then, somehow, there are at least a handful of Pinterest results


@cypnk Y'know, I gotta wonder if that is intentional. I know folks who have already substituted "look on Pinterest" as their default for searching for images.

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@StevenSaus I would guess that's the case. It's reinforcement where you can't find something on Google, so you go to Pinerest, but then you post on Pinterest because that's where you search. A vicious cycle

@cypnk @StevenSaus It's absolutely intentional, because they do monopolize search results and drown out original artists unless someone was kind enough to link it, and then only if you join Pinterest. They're poisoning the well to force people into their ecosystem and if Google had any care for their own image search they'd bury it as a practice.

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