Neuroscientists can read brain activity to predict decisions 11 seconds before people act - Quartz via @nuzzel

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@StevenSaus These types of takes always attract hype about (the lack of) free will, when what they actually show is that being conscious about the choices we make happens after we make those choices. Last paragraphs fortunately addresses that issue.

@jonne Don't most people (myself included) equate/conflate one's consciousness with the entity making those decisions? Or put another way, if your consciousness isn't making those choices, "who" is?

Though that raises questions as to why cognitive behavioral therapy works...

@StevenSaus Sure. The error (most people make) is in considering only a small part of yourself (the part we are explicitly conscious about) as you, when "you" is actually a much broader, embodied phenomenon. Descartes is still strong in the popular discourse, even if it doesn't correspond with the modern understanding of consciousness.

@StevenSaus Put in other way: you are making those decisions and then a part of you becomes aware of those decisions slightly later.

Matrix: Reloaded spoiler 

@StevenSaus think how far ahead the military can “predict decisions” now :/

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